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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Caught In The Middle

January 08, 2013 05:26 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, emotions ran high as the moms struggled to make the right decisions. Who was left in tears? And who flew the coop? Take the jump to find out.

Here’s how it all went down…


The girls were with Corey and Leah had been thinking a lot about what he said about the divorce and getting back together. And while she admitted to being really torn, she knew she needed to be honest with Jeremy.

Jeremy came into the room where Leah was and could tell something was on her mind. He asked her what was wrong. She told him Corey had texted her and said he thought the divorce was a mistake, that he missed her, and that he wanted his family back.

“What’s your opinion on all of it?” Jeremy asked.

Leah told him, “It is what it is. He wanted to go through with the divorce. And it may have just bothered him that I am moving on.”

Jeremy stayed calm but voiced his opinion saying, “F*ck that! Straight f*ck that! He was the one that let his family go.”

Leah explained that she didn’t want the girls to grow up and think she didn’t try to make things work out with their dad. Jeremy told her it was her choice, her life, and that she should do what makes her happy, but told her he wouldn’t put up with any head games, he’d be gone.

Leah told him she wasn’t playing any games, that she just wanted to be honest with him, and that she didn’t know what to say about it.

The next day, Jeremy left to go out of town for work. Leah called Corey and asked him if he wanted to talk. One hour later she went to his house and the sat on the couch talking. She told him she wanted to know how he really felt.

Corey told her he missed how it used to be and told her she was the only girl he’d ever been in love with. Then he admitted she still gave him butterflies and said, “I want us back.”

Leah said she didn’t want an on again off again relationship and that she wasn’t going to play any games. She told him they had to make decisions because if “we get back together, I’m not gonna drag Jeremy along.”

Then Corey told her he wanted to get back together but he didn’t want to jump into it. And she told him that put doubt in her mind.

Later, Corey’s mom dropped the girls off. Kathy came over to babysit so Leah could meet Kayla at La Carreta before going to class. She talked to Kayla about the situation with Corey and told her how confused she was.

When it was time to meet Corey again to exchange the girls, Leah wanted to talk to him and be clear about what he was thinking. They sit in his truck and talk. Corey asks her, “What do you think?”

Leah told him she fought for their relationship before and after their divorce but said she got nothing from him. Corey said he didn’t know and that it was scary to go back into it with her. Leah told him maybe he needed time to figure out what he wanted. He said he wanted to make sure his feelings were real and not just “stupidness.” Leah told him to think about what he wanted but let him know she had no intention of leaving Jeremy and then just sitting at home waiting.

Later, Leah realized she needed to take a step back and really think about things. She went to her mom’s house and talked to her mom and stepdad. Her stepdad told her he thought it was a mistake for her not to stay focused on her goals. Leah told him it was a hard decision to make but she couldn’t let go of Jeremy because she didn’t feel sincerity from Corey. Her stepdad told her to take care of herself and the girls. Leah didn’t say anything, she just sat and cried.


Jenelle was back on her bipolar medications and wanted to get her life together so Barbara would trust her more with Jace. She had been having mood swings and worried she had moved in with Josh too quickly.

She went to meet her friend Allison. They talked about Jenelle going to school and that she was back on her meds. But when it came to her love life, Jenelle said he was immature, thinks everything is funny, annoys her, and she just can’t deal with it. She told Allison she was trying to establish a stable environment for Jace so Barbara would let him come over and spend the night at her new place.

Later, Jenelle took Jace to the pumpkin patch. Jace picked out a pumpkin and then they went back to Barbara’s house. Once they got there, Jenelle told Barbara she wanted Jace to stay with her at the new place and she wanted more one-on-one time with him. Barbara asked how her mood swings were and said she would have to think long and hard about Jace spending the night with Jenelle. That made Jenelle mad and they started to argue so Jenelle left.

After the fight with her mom, Jenelle’s mood swings got worse and her meds made her sick. They were all supposed to get together for a family outing but Jenelle was in bed and said she couldn’t go because she didn’t feel good. Barbara told he she was tired of Jace being disappointed. Jenelle covers her face and cries saying “nobody understands me.”

Later, Jenelle talked to Josh and told him she was considering dropping out of school because her personal life was so crazy. He suggested she cut ties with her mom for a while but she said she couldn’t do that or she wouldn’t get to see Jace. Josh hugged her as she cried and said all she wanted to do was spend more time with Jace.


Chelsea has been focusing on her future and not thinking about Adam. She was getting ready to take two more GED tests, reading and social studies. After those, she would have two more and then she will be done.

After she took the GED tests, she wished Adam were around to be part of her and Aubree’s lives. She went out to eat with her dad and talked about beauty school. She asked him if he expected her to keep a job while she was in school. He told her no and said school was a fulltime job. Then she asked how she was supposed to pay her bills. “Are you going to help me?” she asked.

Her dad told her they’d talk about that when the time came.

While Chelsea waited for her GED test results, she decided it was a good time to start potty training Aubree. They went shopping and Aubree picked out a potty. When they got back home, Chelsea made Aubree a potty chart and explained that she’d get a star every time she peed or pooped in the potty. Chelsea put the potty in the floor and tried to get Aubree interested in it but she just kicked it over and said she didn’t want to go potty.

Finally, Chelsea received her GED scores. She called her dad before she opened them so they could get the news together. She had to score at least 450 on each test to pass. She scored 540 on reading and 600 on social studies. Her dad told her he was proud of her and so did Aubree. Then her and Aubree gave each other a high-five and a fist punch.


Kailyn was preparing to leave for Texas to visit her family. She dropped Isaac off at Jo’s and headed to the airport. She was excited to reconnect with her cousin and half-sister.

When she arrived in Texas, her cousin Kaitlyn met her at the airport. They hugged and were happy to see each other. They went to Kaitlyn’s house and Kailyn took a nap before they went out on the town.

Later, Kaitlyn asked Kailyn went out to eat and talked about her dad. Kailyn said she didn’t want to see him while she was there. The last time she saw him, she was six-months pregnant, and he asked her for money.

Kaitlyn asked her what she wanted to get into and Kailyn said she wanted to ride a bull. But that didn’t go so well. As soon as they both got on the mechanical bull, they both fell off laughing.

Later, they talked. Kailyn said she liked Texas but she really missed Isaac. They went to meet up with Kailyn’s half-sister, Mikayla. She gave Kailyn a gift. It was a ring. They talked about school and Isaac.

Kailyn thought reconnecting with her family went well and she didn’t feel so alone. Before she knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to go back to Pennsylvania. She was glad she came for the visit but was bummed about leaving.

After a little shopping, she said good-bye to Mikayla and then went to a café with Kaitlyn. They talked about her moving to Texas. Kailyn said she would move but that Jo would never go for it and wouldn’t let her take Isaac. “Maybe me and Isaac will runaway,” she joked.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Corey will come between Leah and Jeremy? Will Jenelle get to spend more time with Jace? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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