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The Bachelor Premiere: Lindsay Yenter Wears Wedding Dress

January 08, 2013 01:00 PM by Megan Wilson

You heard that right.  On the premiere of The Bachelor, romantic hopeful Lindsay Yenter showed up wearing a wedding dress, complete with a veil.  Crazy, right?  Well Twitter blew up about the event, leading #balls, #stayaway, and #bachelor to trend all night.  Whether you agree with her introduction or not, Lindsay has definitely made a splash!

We’re very sure that Bachelor Sean Lowe will be considered a favorite of all the bachelors we’ve seen thus far, as even the show’s host, Chris Harrison, says that Sean’s pretty different from the norm.  Chris said in an interview with TV Guide, that,”People will be surprised by his personality and charisma, and he’s also got an edge to him. He’s not afraid of confrontation or saying the wrong thing.”

Well, it’s obvious that Lindsay Yenter isn’t afraid of DOING the wrong thing, as she walked down to meet Sean wearing a wedding dress!  When Lindsay lifted the veil, Sean said, “Did I miss the memo?  Is this my wedding day?”  To which Lindsay replied, “You may now kiss the bride!” and she literally FORCED him to kiss her!  Sean was trying to be polite  by going for a cheek kiss, but Lindsay wasn’t having it!

As soon as they lip locked, Twitter exploded.  Quite a few Reality TV veterans weighed in as the night progressed, causing the hashtags #balls, #bachelor, and #stayaway to trend.  Arie, runner up from The Bachelor season 8, said, “Is Lindsay drunk ALREADY? #DrunkBrideDoesntGetTheGroom#Bachelor”  Chris Bukowski from Bachelor Pad tweeted, “One more drink for Lindsay, please”.  Holly Durst, Bachelor Pad season 2 champion chimed in as well.  “Wedding Dress Girl… First of all… you have already said “Balls” twice during this episode. Second…the wedding dress was probably not the best idea and third… you drank too much! #balls”

While you’d like to think her over the top antics got her sent home, Sean surprised everyone and gave her a rose at the end of the night!

Did you see the wedding dress fiasco?  What did you think?  Do you think she’ll make it far in the show?  Let us know in the comments!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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