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Dance Moms Recap: Everyone’s Replaceable…No Really, They Are

January 09, 2013 01:24 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

While there’s always some element of shock factor involved in the controversial hit series Dance Moms (skimpy costumes and constantly-drinking mothers, to name a few), not much compares to the surprises taking place on tonight’s episode! The moms hatch a devious plan in hopes of teaching Abby a lesson — but does it work?

Tonight marks the entrance of Sophia Lucia into the Dance Moms world. Sophia is already popular with much of the show’s viewership — there’s tons of videos of past dances up on YouTube and it’s easy to see that she was already amazing at turns and leaps before Abby ever got her hands on this adorable little dancer (although, knowing Abby, she’ll take all the credit).

But back on track…despite (or because of) the fact that both new dancer Ally and her mother are perfectly friendly people, the moms have decided that they really don’t belong with the group. It’s just not the same without Kelly and her daughters! They decide it’s time to take action, for the general consensus is that Kelly isn’t about to come crawling back to Abby. The plan: stand up to Abby in an Intervention-style showdown. Unfortunately for the moms, the plan doesn’t really work in their favor. Abby gets super duper angry, accuses them of trespassing and calls the cops. But before doing so, she begs and pleads Melissa to think of Maddie and her dance future. Never mind her other daughter Mackenzie or any of the dancers….Abby cannot afford to lose her crown jewel!

The moms flee to Christi’s house to regroup. They decide the girls don’t really need Abby after all, or at least, not for now. They can choreograph their own dance, perform it in front of a crowd, put a video of the performance online and prove once and for all that Abby needs her girls as much as they need her. In other words, that everyone is not replaceable.

Meanwhile, Abby finishes teaching the one remaining dancer on the team her solo before setting forth to assemble a brand new team. Everyone’s replaceable and she’s determined to show it! As I mentioned before, this new team contains the tiny, helium-voiced Sophia Lucia, the little dancer most likely to prove Abby’s replaceable theory. Abby falls in love immediately, of course, knowing that she’ll be winning at least one first place even without Maddie on her team. Well, there’s one problem: her high-pitched voice. Abby commands to Sophia to fix it, because heaven knows the girls do a lot of singing at their dance competitions.

The other dancers are apparently girls from the latest audition, many of whom had been warned ahead of time that they might be called back at a moment’s notice. In competition dance, this response usually means “thanks but no thanks,” so I’m sure the new girls are psyched to be invited back.

No episode of Dance Moms is complete without an attack of the Candy Apples, which is why we next see Jill once again crawling back to Cathy’s lair. Really Jill? Pittsburgh is a decent-sized city, so I know there’s more than one good studio in the area. The whole running off to Candy Apples just makes for better TV drama I guess.

There are only two dances this week: a solo for Sophia and a lyrical group dance about new beginnings. By giving Sophia the only solo of the week, Abby has already sparked anger among the new mothers, many of whom worry about their daughters’ futures at the studio. The dancers are also worried, thanks to Abby’s little pep-talk (aka scream-fest) about the need for a win at this weekend’s Dance Xpressions competition.

Abby’s old team shows up at the mall to perform their self-choreographed dance, and let’s just say, choreography is not their strong suit. The first half of the dance is made up of several short solos while the others hip bounce like backup dancers. A full minute of half-hearted dance hips? That’s what I call awkward. Oh yeah, and there’s another extremely repetitive sequence later in the dance during which the girls perform the same turns over and over again…in a circle. Obviously, award-winning choreography would be a lot to expect from a group of tweens, which is something I would have thought the moms might realize in the first place. I will say one thing in the girls’ favor: the dance looks just as clean and in-sync as the standard Abby fare which often reeks of timing issues and other problems related to learning a new dance each week.

Meanwhile, at the dance competition, new mom Gloria decides to sneak in a solo for Kaeli. Bad idea, Gloria. Abby learns of Gloria’s scheme and says that if the new mom goes through with it, her daughter’s finished at ALDC. Ally and Sophia perform their solos and, as expected, Sophia’s is packed to the max with turns and other tricks. Ally’s dance is a sweet lyrical, oddly reminiscent of something Chloe might have performed. Both girls do well in awards, with Ally taking second in the teen category (a placement that greatly angers Abby), and Sophia taking the top junior spot.

Things don’t go quite as well for the group dance. Again, no matter how good the choreography, the judges are looking for the dance to be clean. These girls have only had a few days to dance together, so a second-place finish really is impressive in its own right. But it’s not good enough for Abby Lee Miller!

Based on the teaser for next week’s episode, Abby’s former stars will be back in business. Everyone might be replaceable, but not everyone is willing to put up with Abby’s antics.

It appears that Sophia will be sticking around at least for a bit…I’ve already seen pictures of her chilling with Chloe and Nia. So you won’t have to resort to trolling YouTube for new videos of our favorite helium-voiced dancer just yet. Still, if you’re like me, you can’t ever get enough, which is why I’m sure you’ll appreciate the full-length dance performance included below:


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7 Responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Everyone’s Replaceable…No Really, They Are”

  1. grandmawhi Says:
    January 9th, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I will not be watching any longer.I am disappointed witht the new people.I enjoyed watching the origiinal team each year improve and grow as a dancer.I am retired dance instructor and I see Abby taking credit for the talent of the new girls. Just not right. I will go back to watching “Storage Wars”!!! Thanks for the first two years. They were GREAT!

  2. beeker Says:
    January 9th, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Although this little dancer may be very good, it was very disapointing to see this new group. I found that little girl to be annoying. It was not just her voice but Abby just found another Mattie, except for the eyes they look a like in every way. I am sorry I truly did not like that show last night. Despite not being as good of dancer I think people have grown to love watching the other children. I especially love Chloe, who is so sweet yet Abbie berates non stop. Not sure if I will watch again. I have watched every season

  3. tawny Says:
    January 9th, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    The original dance moms are idiots. Although I like watching the original team, it is Abbey Lee Dance studio and she is the reason they do so well. the moms should remember that. Abbey is correct. They have gotten too big for their britchs. and Christie your a pain in the ass. Why do any of you listen to her? Kelly quitting is her choice. Your kids should continue on with their business.

  4. h. stubbs Says:
    January 9th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I agree with tawny – the original dance moms are ungrateful idiots – they should be kicked off the show! Abbey deserves respect and gratitude. The idiot dance moms would not have any of their opportunites for jewlery, modeling, etc. if it wasn’t for Abbey. I liked the show without the original idots last night. Good For You Abby!

  5. beeker Says:
    January 10th, 2013 at 11:21 am

    I agree I could not understand the reason for the protest. The choice was kelly’s. Abby did not kick her out. The show was very scripted. But what was very obvious is that Abby cannot say she is such a good teacher because the new kids danced far superior to her original group. But I do think that what also made these kids popular is they did not always display perfection. My opinion is that chloe is probably the best dancer in that group despite her mother’s antics. At the same time I do feel she is like a lioness defending her cub. Mattie gets all the praise and poor chloe is treated like a mop. Even when Chloe got selected for training at Joffrey Abbie could not praise the child. I am sure with this new child mattie will be added as another mop or doorstep.

  6. Joni Says:
    January 12th, 2013 at 10:10 am

    I agree Christie needs to get over herself! I like that Kelly finally left, she is only doing what the rest of us would of done, a long time ago! Mattie is Awesome, her sister is a doll.Abby is just there for entertainment, love to hate her!It’s all about entertainment people…change the channel if you dont like it.

  7. Christy Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Sophia is a natural & a child prodigy. Nobody Abby has can say that. I know Abby favors Maddie but I see Maddie as a good well trained dancer but not even close to Sofia. The most natural talent Abby has is Chloe. She has the elegance & grace that can not be taught. It makes Abby & Melissa angry & jealous that outside professionals perfer Chloe. As long as those girls have danced for Abby, they should be able to compete at a higher tier. But lack of teaching & old techniques hold themn back. Normally Sofia is at larger competitions & at the highest tier. But she never was the next Maddie. Maddie is no where close to Sofia’s level. I wish Chloe had a great teacher. She will end up with the career. I just hope Maddie fnds someone else besides Abby as a role model and as soon as the show ends that Chloe, Paige, Brooke &b Nia go to a different studio together. Maddie is happy with Abby & Jill is as long as she is favored


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