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Mobbed: You’re Fired! Recap

January 10, 2013 07:11 PM by Megan Wilson

If you haven’t yet seen the surprise dance mob show “Mobbed“, you’re missing out!  The show, hosted by Howie Mandel, surprises unsuspecting victims with a choreographed dance mob.  So far this season we’ve had some incredible reveals, including one announcing a pregnancy, and another saying “Marry Me Now Or It’s Over“.  In this episode, an real estate mogul awards one of his long-time employees for his hard work and dedication.  Keep reading for the details!

The preview of this episode seems awesome!  Right off the bat we learn that the mark is an employee of Rick Caruso, a large real estate developer.  The employee is doing an amazing job after having family struggles, dropping out of college, and eventually finding himself homeless.  Rick wants to give him a raise and a promotion, and wants to employ Mobbed to help deliver the news!

Anthony Henry, our mark, is a customer service guru, who’s been through some rough times.  He currently holds two jobs-both in the service industry.  He admits that at one point he was homeless, and tears up even thinking about it.  He can’t put the experience into words, but says at some points he went for days without eating.  He frequently tried to reach out to his father, but due to a troubled relationship, they never connected.  When asked if Anthony’s would be proud to show his father who he is today, Anthony says, “I think about that every single day.”

Howie decides to incorporate Anthony’s family into the mob, so the crew heads to The Americana at Brand in Glendale.  They have 4 days till the mob is on.  They decide that the mob needs to take place in the streets, with a “Street party” theme; incorporating vehicles, music, and dance.

As far as the ruse is concerned, Howie suggests that they set up Anthony by destroying his boss’s car, and framing Anthony for it, leading him to getting fired.  Howie finds some unsuspecting residents of one of the upstairs apartments lining the street, and does a test drop with a watermelon.  (Note that when meeting the couple, Howie refuses to handshake, instead doing a fist bump, saying “I do this instead”.)  The drop goes fine, so the whole thing is coming together!

The crew is out in the street doing test runs of the destructive drop, along with debuting low riders that will “dance” up and down the street.  They have 8 hours to choreograph cars and people dancing together!

Rick is let in on the gig, and he’s visibly upset by having to fire Anthony in the first place, but he knows that when Anthony reunites with his family, along with being the recipient of a raise, promotion, and scholarship, it will all be worth it.

The Mobbed crew has also brought in a professional dance troupe to perform for the event.  As they’re practicing, Anthony’s parents arrive.  They’re both in shock over the effort and the incredible production.  Both parents are in tears as they walk through the street, looking at all the work that’s been put into the mob.

It’s just a few hours before the mob, and Anthony helping film the ruse documentary.  Following the filming, he’ll be headed to pick up his boss’s car. (Which he has no idea is going to be meeting a few hundred pounds of chains dropped from a balcony in just a few minutes!)

Rick calls Anthony to see where he is.  As he drives the high price auto, Anthony admits to Rick he’s being extra careful, and that he’s terrified of driving it!  Shortly after the call, Anthony arrives.  He exits the vehicle, and someone makes a quick switcheroo of the valet sign: from”Valet Parking” to ‘No Valet Parking’-and then as soon as Anthony re-emerges with the Valet manager - BAM – down come the chains.

Everything goes silent, and Anthony can’t help but laugh.  He says, “Are you kidding me?” and proceeds to discuss the switched sign with one of the fake valets.  Anthony is UPSET, but still has to walk in to deliver the bad news to Rick.  Rick sits down with Anthony, and before Anthony can say anything, Rick starts going off about how special and one of a kind the car is.  Anthony has a hard time breaking the news, but he eventually dishes the dilemma; he’s stuttering and can hardly get it out!  They walk to go look at the car, and Rick delivers the “you’re fired” message-but just SECONDS later the mob starts with low riders screaming down the street on their sides!  As they take over the road, Anthony has NO idea WHAT is going on.  Some of the guys in the low riders confront Anthony about destroying the car, but some of the cops break out singing Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry About A Thing ” and the mob is ON!

Anthony is completely flabbergasted.  As dancers with shopping bags, police, and gangsters all dance and sing in the middle of the street.  Soon they’re joined with ballet dancers on point! (And as a cute side note-the Valet Parking sign was switched to Ballet Dancing.)

Soon the street erupts with people, and Anthony has a smile from ear to ear.  Once the song stops, Rick appears, and walks through the crowd.  Anthony can’t contain himself, and finally realizes it’s all for him.  He has tears in his eyes as Rick explains that Anthony is one of the most important employees he’s ever had.  After he gives Anthony his accolades, he reveals that there’s two other very important people present at the event: his parents.  Anthony spies his parents and doubles over with emotion. He rises, tears streaming down his face, to embrace his parents. Anthony is bawling at this point, and his family circles him in love. Rick appears and thanks his parents for being here, saying, “Anthony’s such a compassionate, caring, loving human being-that so greatly represents our company.”  He goes on to say that Anthony has a fire in him that is incredible; just when you think it’s over, Rick says, “Anthony, you’re on fire!”  Immediately another mob starts! This one featuring the dance troupe!

The incredible dancers, outfitted in metallic suits and white masks, do some break dancing and eventually make their way down the stage to lead Anthony and his family up to watch the mob and dance troupe from the front. The whole thing climaxes with a small scale firework display before the music goes quiet, and Rick comes onstage. He says he’s had literally THOUSANDS of employees under his care, and only a FEW have been as wonderful as Anthony-he says that Anthony is the future of Rick’s company. He then awards Anthony with a full time job, and a promotion. Rick says he’s not through yet-he is invested in Anthony’s future-, and gets choked up while trying to reveal his last surprise: He’s giving Rick a scholarship so he can finish his education.  Every single person on that stage was crying. (I was, too!)  Anthony is given the mic, and says he always wanted to be the best person he could be for himself and his family.  He thanked his parents for allowing him to struggle, saying that was what makes you who you are.

This was by far my favorite episode yet!  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments!

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4 Responses to “Mobbed: You’re Fired! Recap”

  1. Tessa Says:
    January 11th, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    It was just by chance that I changed the channel and watched this episode. One of the most heartwarming stories I have seen in a long time. What a great Boss ………………… the guy who was the subject of this episode was so deserving and so obviously touched by all the transpired. LOVED it!

  2. Joseph Leonard Marraccino Says:
    January 14th, 2013 at 12:47 am

    Hey Howie!

    You may want to proof read the last paragraph about Rick giving the scholarship… fyi

    Also, I’ve been honored to work with CAH with the Sculptor that did the bronzes at the Americana. The opening celebration was amazing. Thank you to Rick for lifting this person up and dusting him off for the world to see. Great show! See you around!


  3. Raggedrabbit Says:
    August 25th, 2013 at 2:39 am

    You are hard pressed these days to find a television show, that almost every single episode can move you to tears. This show is amazing.

  4. vladimir Says:
    March 21st, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    Amigos ,todos los programas de mobbed los tengo pero me falta este, ojalá y me indiquen como tenerlo. Es muy valioso para mí. saludos Min


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