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Lindsay Lohan Is Awful To Work With

January 11, 2013 11:00 AM by Megan Wilson

Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on “The Canyons” made headlines, however, a few of the film’s creators are speaking out about the drama they had to deal with while working with the Punk’d star.  As she’s facing jail time over a number of charges, this only further brings to light that Lindsay is completely derailed.

The Canyons, a film set in L.A, focuses on a group of young adults struggling with a myriad of issues.  Unfortunately, Lindsay’s appearance in the film just went hand in hand with the storyline.  Stephen Roderick, a New York Times writer, who was also on set, came forward to speak about Lohan’s performance.  From the very beginning, the starlet caused huge problems.

Lindsay was expected to show up for a reading, but didn’t show until she faced being kicked from the movie.  When she learned of her impending departure from the film (And missing the paycheck), she showed up at the hotel and set herself outside director Paul Schrader’s hotel room begging and pleading to be rehired.  Eventually, after many “Go home” texts from Paul, Lindsay surrendered to the inevitable and retreated.

It seems that the two patched things up after a few meetings, and it seemed that all would go smooth from here.  Regrettably , this was only the start of the issues Lindsay brought with her.  Sources say Lindsay and her mother, Dina complained the entire time, about EVERYTHING.  At one point, she locked herself in a closet for two hours, refusing to shoot a group sex scene.  The only way she agreed to come out was if Schrader stripped down in an effort to make her more comfortable.  The cast and crew didn’t realize that when she emerged, she was drunk as a skunk!  The producers arranged for a chauffeur to drive her home, but the star insisted on driving herself.  She got behind the wheel of her Porche (Yes, the one she smashed in the accident) to drive home.

On another day, Lindsay was scheduled to be on set in the wee hours of the morning.  When she was three hours late, it came to light that she’d spent all night partying with Lady Gaga until a half hour before her scheduled start time.  Her personal doctor magically appeared on set and deemed Lindsay “Too sick” to work.

In a final attempt to make her career even worse, Lindsay has refused to show up to complete some post-filming voice work.  This is just another step in the wrong direction for Lindsay.  When will it stop?

Do you think Lindsay’s career is over?  Let us know in the comments!

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