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The Biggest Loser Exclusive Blog With Francelina Morillo: Week One

January 11, 2013 02:30 PM by Christine McDow

We are incredibly lucky to once again have a current contestant on The Biggest Loser as our guest blogger for this season? Check out Francelina Morillo’s blog from week one on the ranch.

I am sitting among so many people who want to change their lives just as eagerly as I do. All I can think of is “My God..this has to be my chance, it’s now or never…this has to happen for me.” At some point I start to panic and I can feel the tears building in my eyes and then all of a sudden, Alison Sweeney calls my name. YES! I’m not going to be PLUMP anymore! OMG OMG OMG!

My name was called and my entire future flashed before me. I swear, I immediately start getting all these visions of me in the near future. I picture myself looking super slim, going into my medical school interviews in the best of shape, and feeling super confident. I even start to worry about how big my hair will look in proportion to my new tiny size J Yes, that’s how far ahead I was thinking. Do you know what it feels like to dream of changing something your entire life and then all of a sudden getting that chance to actually do it? It was surreal to me. I knew then, I was ready to fight all the way to the end.

Walking into the first workout, I am a nervous wreck and I’m thinking “I just hope I’m not the slowest one there and I don’t really look forward to throwing up either.” Dolvett is my trainer, but he left us alone with Jillian Michaels so he could work out with the 3 kids on the show (Sunny, Lindsay, and Bingo). During the workout, I look around at everyone and there are people down everywhere, especially near me, which is another story!

It’s incredibly hard to even focus on the workout because of everything that is going on. The exercises are very intense and right from the very beginning—we didn’t stand a chance! We were being knocked down one by one and I am thinking, “Oh boy, what did I sign up for, this place and these trainers are extreme.” I mean, at some point, I start to question whether or not they are aware that we are overweight. Some of the exercises they would ask us to perform were for fit people—HELLO! We are out of shape! Of course, I asked no questions and did what they said because by the looks of it, if you question anything you got it harder. So contrary to the usual Francelina from NY, who speaks her mind and is quite outspoken, I kept my mouth shut and kept going! GO TO WORK—is all I heard Dolvett say and all I thought was “I’m working ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”.

By the end of the workout, I kid you not, I was in complete shock. Somehow my body got through it but my brain had not. It was that bad, that hard, and to think there was more of it coming almost had me in tears…again!

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