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The Biggest Loser Exclusive Blog With Francelina Morillo: Week Two

January 11, 2013 03:23 PM by Christine McDow

What happened during week two on The Biggest Loser ranch? Find out what Francelina Morilla has to say in her exclusive blog below!

Red Line
AGAIN! When Alison Sweeney tells us we have to face another red line I get an adrenaline rush. You do not stand a chance at all against them, If you fall below it, you are going home, no questions asked. The red team did awesome week 1 at the weigh in and all I can think of is the infamous curse of week 2. It could be me going home next! I cannot let that happen! Right away the wheels in my brain are turning. I have to keep myself in here. I know I have to work even harder than last week and I’m thinking, “Is that even possible? It’s going to be a LONG week”.

Dolvett’s Dungeon
As soon as I walk into it, I think, “Yeah, there isn’t a chance we will be below that red line because this place looks insane.” Jackson is not able to work out with us and I don’t know whether to feel bad for him or happy that someone was spared! I’m thinking, “Awe my poor Jax.” At the same time I’m like “Can I join him? Someone get me out of here.”

Throughout the workout, I sometimes just laugh to myself in self-pity thinking, “I signed up for all this, I must be crazy!” Just when I thought that the red team had it bad with D, I can hear Jillian ripping into the white team and all of a sudden I feel extremely fortunate to have D (no offense Jill).

The workout is tough but immediately I see improvement in myself and in my teammates. I have a moment and I no longer just picture myself changed but I am able to picture them as well. Our entire lives are about to transform. The thought of this keeps me going through this workout and through the last chance workout. Dolvett is talking to us during the workout but my mind is far away. I’m thinking of all the things I gave up on because of my weight, all the things I thought I didn’t deserve because I didn’t feel good enough, I was thinking how I was going to fight for those things from here on—I was already changing. My transformation had begun.

Walking into the weigh-in I am 100% confident that as a team we did all we could. When the white team loses the weigh-in and we realize that Nathan is going home, we are all heart-broken. He says something that hits home. Nate says, “What I wouldn’t give to stay.” I find motivation and inspiration in his words. I don’t think he even imagines how much of an impact he has had on me and how much it hurts to see him go. Seeing how bad he wanted to stay makes me appreciate once again how privileged I am to be here.

In just two weeks I have gone from 267 pounds to 242 pounds. I can’t believe how excited I am about that accomplishment. Week 3 I am ready for you—so bring it on D!

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