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The Bachelor Recap: Out Of The Friendzone

January 14, 2013 08:12 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, was faced with a girl in a wedding dress straight out of the limo, and began giving out roses right at the beginning of the night. Bachelor alum, Kacie B, showed up to see if their friendship could grow into more too. Will she get sent home tonight? Keep reading for date highlights, and the rose ceremony results!

The Bachelor kicks off tonight with Sean Lowe in the shower. Thank you, ABC! Chris Harrison meets with the girls for a rundown on the dates. He leaves the first date card.  Sarah will go on a one-on-one. She doesn’t expect to be treated differently because she has only one arm.

Sean picks her up in The Bachelor’s preferred mode of transportation – the helicopter. They land on a skyscraper and he tells her they will plunge to the ground for a champagne toast. Omigod, Sarah speaks so slowly it’s distracting me from the whole ‘afraid of heights’ thing. They get harnessed up and stand on a clear glass platform – ugh, ugh, ugh. Sarah screams impressively as they drop 35 floors. Later, over dinner, she slowly recounts a story of wanting to go ziplining with her father and being told people with disabilities were not allowed. She stresses the importance of finding a man who can handle moments like that. Sean gets all ‘manly protector’. She gets a rose and they kiss rather stiffly.

The group date card calls on Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, and Tierra. Tierra, predictably, isn’t happy to be sharing Sean.

The girls drink in the limo and pull up in front of a castle-like mansion, where Sean waits outside. They go inside and learn they’ll be doing cover photos for Harlequin novels. The person with the most chemistry with Sean on camera will appear on three real novels. Cue the squealing!

Robyn passes time in hair & makeup making it clear she thinks Tierra is a trashy ho. During the shoot, Lesley M makes a big impression on Sean as he notices her sexy side. She earns glares by kissing him. The different scenarios – vampire, western, deep south – are interspersed with cameos of Tierra being territorial about Sean and bitchy about the girls. Kristy, the model, emerges as someone who knows what she’s doing in front of a camera – she gets the three book cover deal.

That evening, Sean spends some more time with Lesley M, and asks her the real reason she’s there. She laughs a little. “Love. I’m hopeful.” Sean’s into kissing her but she keeps changing the subject nervously when things get intense. After, she complains that she thought he was going to kiss her but it didn’t happen. Hilarious. She goes back and steals him from Kristy and goes for it – kissing him repeatedly. It’s hot.

Sean tells Kacie B how surprised he was to see her get out of the limo. I get a vibe that he’s not that into her, but then he tells her he’s excited she’s there. She’s out of the friendzone!

After the other girls deem Tierra a ‘moper’, and hope Sean can see what she’s really like, Sean takes her aside to tell her he sees that she’s sweet and genuine and wants to keep her around. Duh.

Yoga Katie feels awkward in the group situation and tells Sean the setting isn’t for her. He walks her out.  After, he returns to the group and gives the rose to Kacie. Lesley’s face falls. Tierra wants to punch Kacie.

Back at the ranch, Desiree learns she’ll get the second one-on-one date. Sean and Chris will be playing a prank on her to test her sense of humor. They’ll take her to ‘The Bachelor art exhibition’ with actors as employees. She’ll believe she’s broken a priceless artifact, and they’ll see how she reacts…

Desiree arrives at the fake art gallery in a limo and happily sips wine with Sean. Desiree is excited when they are offered a sneak peek at the piece de resistance. Sean starts to have second thoughts as he is pulled away and watches her with Harrison on hidden camera. The artifact falls over and smashes on the ground. Desiree gasps. The fake artist enters and goes into hysterics as Desiree protests that she didn’t touch it. Sean appears and lets her off the hook. She’s a good sport about it.

They go back to his place to have dinner and wine. They talk about their parents. This might not usually be a good thing, but in this case they bond over it and it’s kind of romantic. These two are very comfortable together! They take the wine to the hot tub and get into a love and marriage discussion. They are totally on the same page – yike – they could just leave together right now. She gets the rose and they ‘feel each other’ in the water.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Sean arrives at the party knowing that the two women he’s sending home will be those he doesn’t see having a long-term relationship with at all. As the one-on-one conversations roll on, however, Sean clicks with most of the girls and becomes unsure of who he’ll send home.

Inside, the girls try to chat with Amanda, but she sits in her godawful yellow dress with a grumpy face on and doesn’t even respond! Weird? Rude?

Meanwhile, outside, Sean gets more perfect when he answers Robyn’s frank question about whether he’s attracted to black females. He says he told the producers it’s the woman behind the physical appearance that matters and he doesn’t have a  ‘type’.

Amanda comes to life when Sean enters the house to ‘steal’ her – wow, what a fake transformation! Alarm bells go off with the other girls.

At the rose ceremony, Kacie, Sarah, and Desiree are safe. Sean offers roses to AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Lesley M, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda.  Brooke and Diana say goodbye without any drama.

Have you got a favorite at this point? What did you think of Sean’s choices?

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  1. Chris Says:
    January 15th, 2013 at 7:11 am

    He should have got rid of Amanda. Who sits in a room full of women and don’t even speak when spoken to? That’s just rude not to answer someone when they talk to you. My favorite is Catherine and I hope Tierra doesn’t return. She is just too snobby.


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