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Teen Mom 2 Recap: A New Direction

January 15, 2013 05:22 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, all the moms took a step in a new direction as they chased their dreams and tried to find happiness. Take the jump to find out what happened.


Corey had the girls for the weekend. Jeremy and Leah went out and talked about Corey. Leah said Corey wasn’t sincere about getting back together. Jeremy said it made him mad because Corey was messing with her mind and he didn’t want to lose her. Leah told Jeremy not to worry and that she appreciated him.

Meanwhile, Corey played with the girls before bed. His friend Austin came over and they talked about Leah. He told Austin that Leah wanted him to prove how he felt and he thought it should be both of them not just him. Then he talked about moving on.

Later, Corey’s mom dropped the girls off and Jeremy, Leah, and the girls went out to eat. They talked about Corey and school. Then Leah told him she wanted a bigger house and that she was ready to move on.

After Jeremy left for work, Leah, her mom, and the girls went to look for a new house. Leah found a big house she liked and the girls loved it. The landlord told her he’d rent it to her if she wanted it.

Later, Leah called Jeremy. They talked about the house she found. He talked about them living together and she said that would be good. The girls told Jeremy they loved and missed him. Too cute!


Jenelle had a fight with Josh and moved out. She called her friend Amber and asked if she could stay with her for a while. Amber said yes. Later, when Jenelle went to Amber’s house, they talked about living together and getting a bigger place for Jace and Amber’s son, Brantley. Plus, Jenelle said it would look better for court when she tried to get Jace back.

Jenelle made up with her mom, Barbara and went to meet her and Jace. She told Barbara about breaking things off with Josh and that she was staying with Amber. She said she had her things in storage until she and Amber could find a bigger place. Barbara was glad Jenelle was staying with Amber because she likes her and thinks she’s responsible. Jenelle asked about getting to watch Jace at her new place and Barbara said they’d make it a plan as long as Jenelle stayed clean and took her meds.

Later, Amber and Jenelle went house hunting. They found a large house they both liked. Barbara came over with her boyfriend and Jace to help Jenelle move in.

The next day, Jenelle considered dropping out of her classes to have time to unpack and get her personal life in order. She was worried Barbara would flip out but it was hard for her to concentrate on school when her personal life was so crazy.

Later, she withdrew from her classes and went over to Barbara’s. She told Barbara she had dropped out because she needed a break. Barbara told her she needed to move forward with her education because it was very important and the next time she enrolled, she needed to finish the classes.


Chelsea still hadn’t talked to Adam and she was almost done with her GED practice tests. Her mom was on her way over to watch Aubree so she could go take the math test. While she waited, she let her dogs, Darla and Frankie out to use the bathroom. Darla came back with no problem but Frankie didn’t want to come in so Chelsea and Aubree had to chase her.

Frankie wondered off into a neighbor’s yard and their husky attacked her. Chelsea saw the dogs but couldn’t do anything to help Frankie. She called her dad, Randy for help but it was too late, Frankie died. Chelsea skipped talking her test because she was so upset over Frankie. Randy came over to talk to Chelsea. She told him she called the police but they wouldn’t do anything and told her Frankie should have been on a leash.

Later, Aubree kept asking for Frankie and told Chelsea to shut up. Chelsea was trying to get herself together so she could take the math GED test but she had a migraine. Her mom watched Aubree and she went to take the test. Chelsea passed the test, barely. She had to score a 500 to pass and that was exactly what she scored. Now she’s one-step closer to beauty school.

Chelsea’s mom asked her what was going on with Adam and she said, “Nothing.”

Her mom told her she was doing better without him and Chelsea said she didn’t want anyone. “I don’t want to be falling in love,” she said.


Kailyn was back from her trip to Texas. Her friend GiGi came over and they talked about the trip. Kailyn told her she was thinking of moving to Texas. GiGi said she wanted to go too and asked Kailyn what Jo would think.

Later, Kailyn went to pickup Isaac. She talked to Jo about her trip. Then he told her that her mom had come by to see Isaac while she was in Texas. Kailyn was mad because Jo had let her mom see Isaac behind her back. They argued about it and then she took Isaac and left.

Kailyn went to see her friend Mark. They talked about her trip to Texas and her mom. She used Mark’s phone to call her mom, Suzi. Suzi hung up on her so Kailyn called her back. When Suzi answered, Kailyn asked her why she went to see Isaac behind her back. Suzi hung up on her again so Kailyn called her back and left a message. Suzi called her back and told her it was none of her business when she saw her grandson and then hung up on Kailyn again. Kailyn got upset and cried as she talked to Mark. She said she didn’t want her mom in and out of Isaac’s life.

GiGi watched Isaac so Kailyn could go to school and then talk to Jo about her mom. She told him she wasn’t comfortable with her mom seeing Isaac behind her back. She told him what happened when she called her mom on Mark’s phone. Jo asked her what she wanted him to do and told her he would let her know if she tried to see Isaac again but told her, he wished they’d patch things up because family is important to him.

Then Kailyn told Jo she was considering moving to Texas. He told her he thought it was inconsiderate to Isaac and to him. “I need to see my son every weekend,” he said. “And he needs to see me even more.”

Kailyn could see Jo’s point but she hates living in Pennsylvania without any family.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Leah and Jeremy move in together? Will Jenelle get to keep Jace overnight in her new place? Will Chelsea go to beauty school? And will Kailyn move to Texas? Post a comment and let us know.

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