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Bethenny Frankel Moves Out Of Home Shared With Jason Hoppy

January 17, 2013 03:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Bethenny Frankel recently dished on her split from Jason Hoppy, and now, we’ve learned that she has moved out of the home that the two shared. In fact, the Real Housewives of New York City alum moved into an apartment close to a male friend. Uh oh, is there more to this whole split story than we thought?

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy split right before the holiday season, and now, new information is suggesting that there may actually be more to the story than Bethenny is letting on. According to Life & Style Magazine, Bethenny has moved out of the home that she shared with Hoppy, and into an apartment near her “good friend” Warren Lichtenstein, a 47-year-old billionaire.

Frankel apparently took a vacation in October with her friend Lichtenstein, but other friends insist there is no romance between the pair. One insider told the magazine: “Warren invited her for a vacation and she said, ‘Why not?’ Jason just went ballistic,” while another pal of Frankel’s said: “They’ve been friends for 10 years. He’s been a great support to her through all this.”

Friendship or romance? While we may never know (at least for now), it seems that the divorce is not going to be an easy one, at least according to friends of Hoppy. One pal of Jason’s told Life & Style that Jason basically forced Bethenny to make the first move because: “He’s religious and does not believe in divorce. He took a vow and he’s going to keep it. So he’s still wearing his wedding ring and living in their apartment. He’s being very difficult.”

What do you think of Frankel and Hoppy’s split? Did you see it coming? What do you think of Bethenny’s friendship with Warren Lichtenstein? Post a comment below and let us know.

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2 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel Moves Out Of Home Shared With Jason Hoppy”

  1. Nadia Says:
    January 18th, 2013 at 7:18 am

    No doubt he is being difficult, he didn’t spend one dime on such a beautiful apartment but now he is going to hold on to it for dear life. I hope the judge orders him to leave and go back to his tiny apartment so Bethenny and her daughter can go back to where they belong, their own place.

  2. Rosemary Says:
    January 18th, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Anyone watching the last several episodes of their show last year had to see it coming. He seemed so jealous of her success, but we never know what parts were edited out. Hope the best for all. Love Bethenny!


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