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Emilio Talks Project Runway All Stars Finale Collection & Elimination

January 19, 2013 12:00 PM by Donna W. Martin

Thursday night was the Project Runway All Stars finale and for their final challenge, the three remaining designers were asked to create mini collections and put on a high-profile runway show. Although the judges thought Emilio’s designs were beautiful and spectacular, they were turned off by the junior element in them, which caused him to take first runner up. Keep reading to see what Emilio had to say about his collection and his elimination from the competition.

According to Lifetime, Emilio said, “If I could go back and change anything, I would redo the whole thing.” He explained, “Working in this industry, you don’t just put a show together and throw it out there in front of the critics without rehearsing it and tweaking it – that’s the element that we’re missing in this whole process. You can create anything and throw it in front of a judge but when you have to defend it, it’s harder because you don’t have the time to really work it. So in that aspect, would I change it? I would change everything. I would make each piece better.”

Emilio wanted to do more than just put on a fashion show; he wanted to make a bold statement. “When my first model walked out against the images of the cotton field, I think it [stated] a really strong message and that’s what I wanted.” He explained, “I wanted to put something in people’s minds, not just show them pretty girls in pretty dresses. I wanted people to get something that was deeper than just fashion out of my show and I think the imagery and the girls with the casting really set the tone for the evening.”

When the judges called Uli as the second runner up, Emilio said he was surprised because he thought, “Uli had a really strong collection.” And then it was down to him and Anthony Ryan. “A lot of this season has come down to Anthony Ryan and myself,” he said. When Anthony Ryan was named the winner, Emilio said, “I don’t begrudge people’s successes. Everything happens for a reason. We all have our journeys in our [lives]. My journey was not to be named the winner.” But he said, “I did my job. The judges finally saw who I was as a designer. The world can maybe get a better sense of who I am as a designer and that’s the true test of success…and that’s what I take away from this competition.”

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Photo Credit: Lifetime

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