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Lazaro Arbos Wows American Idol Judges

January 19, 2013 08:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

Night two of American Idol auditions brought more bickering between judges, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, but amid the drama of the escalating feud came an unforgettable audition. When 21-year-old Lazaro Arbos, a Cuban immigrant with a severe stutter, came in to audition, the judges had a hard time understanding what he was trying to say as he struggled to give his name, age, and song choice. But when he opened his mouth to sing, the stuttering disappeared and the judges were left in awe. Keep reading for more details.

According to FOX, Lazaro’s mother said he had struggled with speech problems since the age of six and even though he went through a lot of therapy, it never improved. Later, when Lazaro was 10-years old, the family moved from Cuba to the United States and the stuttering got worse, to the point where he couldn’t speak.

During his introductory conversation with the judges, Lazaro struggled to answer their questions. Mariah said, “Tell me about the way you speak. Is that something you’re working on?”

“It’s like a rollercoaster,” Lazaro explained.

“Living with stuttering is really hard because the things that normal people think would be so easy, becomes so hard for me,” he said. “No one wanted to hang out with me in school.” An emotional Lazaro explained, “I had no friends to go out with so I’d be home.”

But when times are tough, he keeps a positive attitude. “[I tell] myself, even though it’s not going good now, you can’t let things get you down because you have to keep going.”

His father adds, “Since he’s always alone and has few friends, I think music is his life and without it, he wouldn’t know what to do with his life because he loves music.”

“Ever since I was small, I’ve always wanted to sing,” Lazaro said.

He sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for the judges. And from the moment he opened his mouth, the stuttering went away and a beautiful singing voice emerged.

Following the audition, Keith said, “Just sing all the time…beautiful voice.”

“Very pleasant, really, really nice, man, love your voice,” Randy said. “It’s amazing that the stammer doesn’t happen when you sing.”

Nicki said, “Your story is very, very inspiring. I think you brought a really great vibe into the room.”

I love your tone.” Keith added. “I love the way you sing. I love that you did that song.”

And Mariah said, “You have a beautiful voice.”

All four judges voted simultaneously giving Lazaro a resounding ‘yes’ to advance to the Hollywood round. He was so overjoyed by their comments and that he had made it to the next round, he broke down in tears. He went over to Mariah and took her hands. She hugged him and gave him words of encouragement.

What a way to end night two of the auditions!

What did you think of Lazaro’s audition? Did you like his rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water?” How do you think he will do in the competition? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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Photo Credit: FOX

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