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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Battle Of The Booties

January 20, 2013 07:47 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all new tonight on Bravo. It’s an all out booty war in Atlanta, when Kenya announces she is coming out with a stallion booty video.  Yes, it’s the stallion versus the donkey booty on tonight’s episode.  The gossip flies and team are formed, so buckle down for a bootylicious episode and decide whose team you’re on!

The show starts off with Cynthia parading into a hair show that she calls the “NY fashion week for hair.”  It looks a lot more like a low-budget conventions center, but the good news is we get to see our favorite gay hair stylist – Derek J.  Cynthia is honored to be hosting a segment and choosing a winner for a hairstyling competition.  The surprise is that Kenya has shown up to support her and the two are becoming do we dare say – friends.  Cynthia even gives Ms. USA a shout out over the mic. Who does Kenya bring with her?  It’s her gay BFF, Miss Lawrence.  I wish I could rock heels as well as Miss Lawrence!  After the show, the housewives and their gay BFFs gather to gossip. This is where Miss. Lawrence drops the bomb that Kenya is going to put out a stallion booty video! What? “Would you rather have a donkey booty or a stallion booty?” Lawrence asks Derek. ”Let the games begin!” Lawrence laughs as they can only picture Phaedra’s reaction.  Cynthia is completely on board and thinks it is a very good business decision. 

The next day, Kandi just so happens to be getting her hair done by Derek J.  Now we know everyone gossips while getting their hair done, so Derek is dying to tell Kandi about the video news he heard from Kenya.  Minutes into straightening Kandi’s hair, Derek tells her all the details about the stallion video.  Kandi thinks he has information confused and is sure he means the Donkey video.  But Derek repeats himself and is crystal clear in relaying that Kenya doesn’t want a jiggly donkey booty.  “You’re damn lying, hell no!” Kandi yells as she reaches for her cell phone.  “Phaedra is going to go ham-burger on your ass!” Kandi tells the cameras. I’m not sure what that means, but it can’t be good!  Right away, Kandi calls Phaedra to tell her the news.  Phaedra thinks she is getting pranked, but then quickly realizes that she isn’t. “Ain’t nothing legit about doing something like that,” Phaedra yells into the phone.  Phaedra is on a roll now and starts critiquing Kenya’s lumpy booty, like only Phaedra can.  “I knew Miss. Kenya was thirsty, but I didn’t know that heifer was starving!” Phaedra tells Derek.  Ouch!  After they hang up the phone, Kandi thinks that maybe this is just a big misunderstanding.  I think it’s a full out booty war!  Derek jokes that Kenya might be coming out with Kenya Koated nights. 

“Business is booming at the Bailey Agency,” Cynthia brags.  This time Cynthia is dealing with little tots, trying to teach them how to walk a runway.  Porsha and Phaedra show up to support Cynthia and also gossip about the butt video.  Porsha is not surprised at all about Kenya’s behavior.  “I think she could have a chemical imbalance,” Phaedra tells the ladies about Kenya. 

Speaking of Kenya, she is hanging out with Kandi introducing her to a production designer.  Right away, Kandi just HAS to ask her about the bootie video.  “You’re straight coming for her,” Kandi explains to her.  But Kenya denies that she is stealing any deal – that she is merely a business woman.  Then Kenya goes off about how she worked for weeks on the video and she feels the offer was fair. 

Forget Kenya, Phaedra and Apollo our shopping their donkey booty to other producers.  “A nice, round firm bootie,” is how Phaedra explains the term donkey booty to two white business guys.  Even Apollo gets embarrassed and shy when he gets up to demonstrate the moves.  But in the end, the producers love the donkey booty video idea and are ready to produce it! Kenya who?

Now that Phaedra and Kenya are on the outs, Porsha wants to swoop in and get to know Phaedra more.  The two ladies meet for coffee and gossip about – guess who – Kenya?  “She manipulated you,” Porsha tells her.  Phaedra agrees and calls Kenya the devil’s little sister.

It’s the Bailey Agency’s big event – a fashion show that has adults and children walking the runway.  Cynthia is running around fixing makeup and telling people what to do.  She is the woman in charge and she is loving it! All the girls, including Kenya show up to support Cynthia. Kenya is annoyed that all of a sudden Phaedra and Porsha are new BFFs.  After the show, Kenya fills NeNe in on the whole stallion work-out video.  “I don’t think the word donkey is cute,” NeNe encourages her. Then Phaedra pops into the conversation and everyone goes silent.  “I’m doing a work-out video,” Kenya finally yells out.  Of course, Kenya says the producers told her she would be crazy not to do it herself.  Phaedra tells her that a stallion is a male horse!  But Kenya still thinks a stallion is beautiful creature.  “If I want to make a video because I’m hot, I’m going to make a video because I’m hot!” Kenya announces to anyone who is listening.  She twirls away and says, “I’ll be copycatting all the way to the bank!” 

So what did you think of tonight’s RHOA?  Are you on Team Donkey or Team Stallion?  Let us know, leave us a comment below.

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