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Nadya Suleman’s ‘Octomom Home Alone’ Wins AVN’s Best Celebrity Sex Tape Award

January 21, 2013 02:00 PM by Donna W. Martin

Octomom, Nadya Suleman can’t seem to stay out of the news. Earlier this month, we learned she was back on welfare after squandering all of her earnings from the adult entertainment industry. Then, on Sunday, we learned she would be heading to Florida next month for a stripping gig at T’s Lounge. And as if that wasn’t enough, now, we’ve learned that Suleman won an award for the ‘Best Celebrity Sex Tape’ at the AVN Awards on Saturday night.

According to E! News, Suleman was somewhat shocked by her AVN award win, but was happy about it and looks forward to more opportunities in the industry. “Seriously it has not sunk in yet,” she said. “This is fantastic, what an honor. Hopefully this will open the doors to more opportunities.” She added, “I’m proud I did this movie, it helped me grow into a woman. Octomom Home Alone is a true reflection of my intimate side. I am excited to have the award; I am trying to figure out where I will put it.”

The porn flick helped her grow into a woman…Say what? What about her 14 kids? Did the responsibility of parenting that many children not help her grow up? Apparently not. Becoming a stripper and making a porn movie, and a solo one at that, did. OMG!

And what about her grand ‘award?’ Now isn’t that something to proudly display in your home – in front of 14 children! Not to mention explaining what it is and how she got it. Poor babies.

What do you think of Suleman winning an award for her sex tape? Have you watched it? And how do you think she will explain her adventures in the adult entertainment industry to her kids when they start asking questions? We know you have an opinion and we’d love to hear it so post a comment below and tell us all about it.

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Photo Credit: E!

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