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The Bachelor Recap: Breaking Records and Stealing Sean

January 21, 2013 08:20 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe made a few connections among the bachelorettes, and returning contestant, Kacie B, was excited to think she got out of ‘The Friendzone‘. But can Kacie stay out? Keep reading for the answer to that question and all of the highlights…

This week, The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison gives the girls his opening warning/pep talk and leaves the first date card. Lesley M, who stood out because of her kisses and surprising sexiness last week, gets the first one-on-one.

They head out in a car and wind up at the Guinness Book of World Records museum where Sean’s dad is a record-holder as it turns out. However, that’s not why Sean brought Lesley there – hopefully she brought her breath freshener – because they’re going to try to set the world record for Longest On Screen Kiss. They have to beat 3 minutes and 15 seconds; their lips must touch throughout the entire attempt. It’s harder than it sounds. They nearly lose it numerous times because they’re laughing, but at other times, it gets to be quite a serious kiss with feels copped and so on. They break the record of course.

Later, they adjourn to a roof and discuss perfect marriages. Sean makes Lesley nervous, so she sometimes doesn’t look at him when she talks – but it’s cute. They make out and establish that they’ve begun to develop feelings. Sean’s ‘blown away’ and gives her the rose.

The group date will be 12 girls. They head to Zuma Beach to try to ‘win’ Sean’s heart – playing beach volleyball. Harrison appears to break them up into two teams of six. The winners will stay with Sean. Highlights of the match include many awkward falls and misses, and Taryn describing winning the game as the most important thing in her life. Really?! After it’s all over, Sean hugs the members of the losing team, including Taryn and a very teary Kristy.

Sean and the winners adjourn to his house for the evening. He makes out with Lindsay a bit, before spending quality time with confident Desiree – it seems like they’ve known each other for months already. Amanda, who looked positively dark and psychotic at moments last week, chats to Sean about how light and carefree she would be if they got married. Oy.

Afterward, Kacie B notices tension between Amanda and Desiree and makes the horrible decision to try and capitalize on it by blabbing to Sean. Has she seen every other season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? It backfires, of course, and she winds up blathering away about how she’s not a drama person, which makes her seem increasingly like a total drama person. He tells her to act like Kacie, not this crazy person he’s seeing. Lindsay nets the rose, which leaves Kacie in tears.

The losers, meanwhile, have trooped back into their house to share their epic disappointment with the others. Kristy is still crying.  For real. AshLee learns she will be going on the next one-on-one date.

As AshLee is waiting for Sean to pick her up, Tierra falls down the stairs. Skepticism abounds, but she actually seems pretty out of it. When she doesn’t even respond to Sean, the paramedics are called in. AshLee isn’t happy that this is interfering with her date. Tierra argues with the paramedics about going to the hospital until they take her off the stretcher – probably grateful to leave her there. Tierra winds up in the backyard soaking up sympathy from Sean, which seems to validate AshLee’s growing impatience.

Finally, AshLee gets her date. Sean takes her to Six Flags -  they have it to themselves – except they don’t. AshLee’s about to be tested again. Sean wants to know how she likes charitable works – i.e. sharing her date with two young girls, Brianna and Emily, who are both mitochondrial disease sufferers. Happily, AshLee handles this infinitely better than she did sharing Sean with Tierra.

They end the day with a private concert from the Eli Young Band – Sean’s fave. Later, AshLee reveals that she wants to adopt someday. She tells Sean that she was adopted at age 6, but in a previous foster home, was abused. AshLee goes on to talk about how great her adoptive parents are, and her story really moves Sean. He gives her the rose. They dance and make out to Eli Young Band. Later, in camera, AshLee cries a lot about really wanting this…

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

At the cocktail party, Sean sets out to reassure Sarah, who didn’t get time with him this week, but freaks her out by walking her out to a limo. She thinks he’s sending her home! He actually has her dog in the limo as a surprise. Aww.

Next, he spends time with Tierra, who complains about her back hurting and not getting enough time with him. Desiree interrupts, which triggers a Tierra tantrum in-camera – she wants to punch walls! Instead, she steals Sean back and gives him some Jersey Shore-sounding explanation. The other girls twig to what’s going on and suddenly it’s open season on ‘stealing’ Sean.

What? Jackie is talking in-camera about how the girls are getting mad and her dress color changes in the middle of her speech! Hilariously bad editing!

Oh, and Sean is talking to Kacie, who learns that he thinks they moved backward this week. Ya’ think?

At the Rose Ceremony, AshLee, Lesley, and Lindsay are safe. Sean is set to begin, and picks up a rose, but then decides to pull Kacie out of the room. She gets the ‘way too much respect for you to make you stand through another rose ceremony’ speech. He walks her to the car. It seems her earlier mistake was fatal.

Roses go to Tierra, Leslie H, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda, and Desiree (Des!). Taryn and Kristy are done.

Do you agree with Sean’s keeps? Who is your favorite at this point?

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Breaking Records and Stealing Sean”

  1. Jackie Says:
    January 22nd, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    That kiss was a joke. My man and I held one for over thirty minutes leaning against the bathroom wall…..unfortunatly we had turned the shower on and the hot water was gone.

  2. Chris Says:
    January 23rd, 2013 at 5:44 am

    Waiting to see how long it takes for Sean to realize Tierra is the villian. Sean did the right thing by sending Kacey home before rose ceremony and telling her he only sees her as a friend. Tierra should be the next to go, she is too phony


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