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The Biggest Loser Recap: Expect The Unexpected

January 21, 2013 08:24 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser, we watched as the contestants were forced to cut all of the junk out of their lives, and unfortunately it did not go well for Dolvett’s team, as they had minimal weight loss and Cate was eliminated. This week, the contestants learned to expect the unexpected, but so did the trainers!

The Biggest Loser was back tonight, and this week, just about everyone learned to expect the unexpected! Just as the players were mourning the loss of Cate, who was eliminated last week, Alison Sweeney informed them that they would all be suffering another loss this week – they were losing all three trainers for the week, as the trainers were going to the homes of the child contestants to check their progress, and do some work with them. This news, of course, came unexpected to the kids as well, who were all surprised to see the trainers show up in their homes.

Well, Dolvett Quince actually showed up at Lindsay’s school and surprised her by calling her over the loud speaker. Dolvett was thrilled to learn that Lindsay’s family was being very supportive in their efforts to help her get healthy, but Dolvett had one thing that he wanted to overcome with Lindsay – the fact that she had been bullied in her past attempts to get on the cheer leading squad. Dolvett set up a meeting for Lindsay with a high school squad, who cheered Lindsay on, and were nothing but encouraging to her.

Meanwhile, Bob Harper surprised Biingo and his family, and he was thrilled to learn that Biingo’s mom had been losing weight right along with her son. Bob’s first spot check was the family’s refrigerator and pantry, both of which were filled with nothing but healthy treats and snacks. Then Bob took Biingo to a baseball stadium, where he met a pitcher and learned to throw some special pitches. One of Biingo’s dreams was always to play baseball, and it warmed our hearts to watch him run around the field, even with his foot injury!

Jillian Michaels headed out to Sunny’s home this week, where she was able to dig deep into Sunny’s issues, and she was shocked to learn that part of Sunny’s eating was stress – stress that she would disappoint her family in some way. Sunny was under so much pressure from her parents, or so she thought, until Jillian decided to have a sit down heart to heart with Sunny and her mother. Sunny’s mother then revealed that she didn’t care if Sunny did not go to medical school, and that no matter what, she would always be proud of her daughter. It was another heartwarming moment, and it reminded us why Jillian Michaels does so well on this show – by tackling the emotional issues.

And then there were the actual contestants at the ranch, who were stuck all alone with no trainers. Shockingly, most of them took matters into their own hands, and really put in a great effort. Jackson made great progress on the red team, while Pam proved that she could do it, instead of her usual giving up attitude. When they were challenged to participate in a 5k, every single contestant finished without an issue…well, okay, aside from a little breathing drama from Jackson. Even more amazing was that Pam finished in 3rd place. The winning team, which ended up being Pam and Danni (who finished in 1st place) were awarded $15,000.00.

After a last chance workout once the trainers returned, it was also an expect the unexpected weigh in. Here is how the teams did:

Bob Harper’s Blue Team:

Jeff from 348 to 342 (-6)

Michael from 396 to 384 (-12)

David from 272 to 263 (-9)

Alex from 221 to 217 (-4)

Gina from 215 to 206 (-9)

Total team loss of 40 lbs

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team:

Lisa from 223 to 214 (-9)

Jackson from 300 to 288 (-12)

Francelina from 237 to 231 (-6)

Joe from 317 to 310 (-7)

Total team loss of 34 lbs

Jillian Michaels’ White Team:

Pam from 210 to 207 (-3)

Danni from 228 to 222 (-6)

Total team loss of 9 lbs

That meant in a sad and unexpected twist of fate, despite all of the hard work, Jillian’s white team was the losing team this week. I mean, honestly, I think most of us thought Bob’s team would be as they did not appear to work nearly as hard as the other teams. That also meant that although she had a huge breakthrough this week, Pam was automatically eliminated. Pam, however is doing well at home, and now weighs in at 182 pounds. Pam was initially upset about missing makeover week, so she decided to give herself one as a treat, and she promised to wow us all at the finale!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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