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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Time To Move

January 22, 2013 06:03 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was all about the moms finding new homes and moving. Who moved in together? And who parted ways? Take the jump to find out.


Leah had been falling behind in her classes and missing school because she was getting ready to move. She called Corey to tell him about the move and that Jeremy was going to move in with her and the girls. He smarted-off and joked about her doing Jeremy’s laundry.

The next morning Amy and Donald came over to help them move. Leah told Jeremy the trailer was part of her divorce and she was glad to be moving on. Jeremy was happy too and said, “Let’s go unpack in our new house.” They shared a kiss and then left the trailer for good.

After they finished moving, Jeremy and Leah took the girls to the house and told them Jeremy was going to live there too. Later, they all went out to eat. Jeremy asked Leah about school and she explained she hadn’t been going. She said she was getting behind working with Ali with her splint and doing her therapy exercises. She said she hated that she couldn’t keep up with school but assured Jeremy she’d be a nurse someday.

Leah went to school and withdrew from all of her classes even though her advisors cautioned against it.

The twins’ birthday was coming up so Jeremy and Leah were trying to get things ready while her mom had the girls. As they assembled a Barbie car for the girls, Jeremy asked about her classes. She told him she wanted to focus on getting Ali better. She felt bad about dropping out of school but was glad she could focus on the girls. Then she told Jeremy she was glad she had found someone who loved her and compared him to Corey saying he would never help her.

Later, Leah decided to throw an early birthday party for the girls because they would be with Corey on their actual birthday. As family and friends gather downstairs, Jeremy and Leah laid on the bed talking. She told him she was so much happier this birthday because she was with him instead of Corey. They started kissing just as Jeremy’s mom popped in and told them to get downstairs because there was a party going on.

Leah rode in the Barbie car with both the girls as Jeremy pushed them. Happy times…


Jenelle had not been spending much time with Jace because she was trying to get settled in her new house. She talked to her roommate, Amber about a surprise phone call. Kieffer called and told her he was out of jail and that he wanted to come to see her before turning himself in to serve more time for charges there.

Amber asked Jenelle if she thought it would be hard seeing Kieffer especially if they reconnected emotionally while he was there. Amber told her the situation scared her because Jenelle was a different person since she hadn’t been around Kieffer. “I hope you’re strong enough now,” Amber said.

Later, Kieffer came to see Jenelle. He stayed for two days and then turned himself in. She said it felt like old times and was glad her probation officer didn’t find out about him being there. But her probation officer did find out that Amber’s boyfriend Jo, who was also on probation, had been hanging out at the house.

Jenelle talked to her friend, Hannah about Jo coming to the house. Jenelle said her probation officer came by for a random home visit and saw Jo’s truck parked outside. Her probation officer told her she couldn’t be hanging around Jo or she would lock her up. And when Jenelle tried to talk to Amber and explain why Jo couldn’t be there, all they did was argue. And then Amber took her baby and left at 10pm.

Later, Amber was on her way over to get her stuff because she was moving out. Hannah was at the house with Jenelle and was going to move in after Amber was gone. Jenelle and Hannah started moving Amber’s things out to the porch but when Amber got there, they ran upstairs. Jenelle peeked out the window and realized Amber was wearing one of her hoodies. Amber and Jenelle didn’t want to talk to each other. Amber said they couldn’t live together and obviously were not friends anymore either.

Amber was trying to get all her stuff moved and things were tense. She told Jenelle she needed Jo to come over and help her move. But Jenelle asked her if someone else could help her instead. Then Jenelle told her she wanted her hoodie back. Amber didn’t want to give it back right away but Jenelle kept on so Amber took the hoodie off and gave it to her.

Amber called some friends to come over and help her finish getting her things moved. Jenelle yelled downstairs and told her to hurry up and get out so she could get her furniture moved in and then she told Amber she had unpacked the cleaning products she had packed because they were hers. Amber griped to her friends about Jenelle and kept moving her things.


Chelsea was still upset about Frankie. Her mom gave her a new puppy but Chelsea wanted to move because she didn’t feel safe there anymore.

Later, her dad, Randy came over and she told him she wanted to move to a house and asked him to cosign the lease. He said he would but that meant one person (Adam) could not live there. Chelsea reminded her dad she was 20 and there would be no rules. She said she wanted Aubree to have her dad but Randy said that wasn’t always best.

Later, Chelsea went to look at houses. She wanted to find one that was bigger and had a fenced yard for the dogs and Aubree to play. She met with her realtor, Linda to view a house. She loved it.

The next day, Chelsea talked to her friend Laura. Then she called her dad to tell him about the house and asked him if he would cosign the lease. He said he would.

Later, while she waited to hear back from the realtor about the house, she worked on potty training Aubree. She took Aubree’s diaper off and it was dry. Aubree peed in the potty and got a sticker.

The realtor called and told Chelsea her rental application had been approved. Later, Chelsea, Aubree, and Randy went to the house to meet the realtor. Randy looked around the house and cosigned the lease.


Kailyn realized moving to Texas wouldn’t be fair to Jo so she decided to stay in PA. She wanted to finish her degree, and make the best of the situation.

Work was going well so she decided to go bowling with GiGi and some of her friends. One in particular, Javi caught Kailyn’s eye. She thought he was cute.

Kailyn found out one of her friend’s mom had a house she was going to rent so she went to check it out with two of her friends. The house was close to her work and school and it has a fenced yard for Isaac.

She got approved for the house but she wasn’t looking forward to moving. She went out to eat with GiGi and told her she had decided not to move to Texas but would be moving to a new house soon. GiGi asked her what she thought of Javi and Kailyn said she thought he was cute. Then GiGi asked her if she wanted Javi to come over and help with the move and joked about her needing the muscle.

On moving day, Isaac was with Jo. Javi and some of Kailyn’s friends came over to help her move. When they were done, she bought them all pizza.

Later, Jo brought Isaac home. Kailyn showed Isaac and Jo the new house. They talked about potty training Isaac and him spending time with both of them. Kailyn was concerned Isaac would like Jo more and want to stay with him because he had a big family and she didn’t.

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