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Face Off 4 Recap: Superhero Disasters

January 23, 2013 09:34 AM by Ryan Haidet

After working in pairs for the first Spotlight Challenge of the season, the 13 remaining contestants on Face Off season 4 worked solo this time around with the task of creating an original superhero.  After swinging by Comic-Con for motivation, the aspiring special effects makeup artists immediately started bringing their creations to life.  Although I’ve never been a big fan of superheroes or comic books, but I thought this challenge was pretty cool because the winner’s creation would be placed in the pages of a future DC comic.  But after seeing all of the finished makeups, I doubt DC is thrilled with offering the opportunity because none of them were impressive whatsoever.  I would actually argue that the creations from this episode were collectively the worst in the show’s history.  How did all of the finished makeups look?  We’ve got close-up pictures of every single superhero disaster creation inside this article!

Sculpting Struggles & Tight On Time

As the sculpting process began, Meagan found herself really struggling to achieve the look she was striving for.  Going into the challenge, she admitted that she was a bit concerned because the comic book genre is one she’s not too involved with.  Eventually, after asking for opinions from the other competitors, Meagan reached a facial sculpt she was pleased with.

Meanwhile, Michael was primarily battling the clock as his creation soaked up a lot of time.  And as the end of the first day neared, he found himself really displeased with how things were turning out.  His main issue was his superhero’s face.

Anthony, who dominated the first episode by winning both challenges, put himself in a tough position by concocting a superhero with far too many elements to build.  By the third and final day of the challenge, he was still working to make the chest and back pieces — two components he said were the most important.  Because he ran out of time, Anthony actually gave up on the chest piece and worked on a new plan.

Finished Disasters Makeups

After all three days were done, the contestants presented their finished makeups in front of the panel of judges.  Trouble is, none of them were stellar makeups.  None of them.  In fact, a few of these supposed superhero creations resembled more villainous characteristics.  Take a look at all of the completed creations in the pictures below and you will see why the judges were far from thrilled.

There were seven complete creations that were immediately dubbed as safe without any critiques given from the judges whatsoever.  I am really surprised more of these weren’t included in the bottom looks because they simply weren’t good enough.

Alam  I am surprised this one wasn’t ranked among the others at the bottom simply because the entire back piece was missing.  All that was in its place was a giant hole.



Eric Z.





Anthony “I really like this guy,” judge Ve Neill said before adding that it looks like a full-blown superhero (see close-up picture at the top of this story).  Judge Neville Page also praised the entire piece as Glenn Hetrick labeled the head sculpture as “genius.”  The judges chose his as the best overall because of the impressive sculpting.  That means Anthony remains undefeated as the victor of every single challenge so far.  It was the only one, at least to me, that was remotely close to being labeled as a deserving winner.  I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Anthony is my pick to win.  He’s motivated, creative and already successful.

House Glenn thought it was really successful because of its unconventional nature.  “This really speaks to me,” he said before judge Neville Page said it resembled more horror.

Eric F. Ve said this creation took her back to a 1940s movie, which she really dug.


Katie “I fear that you’re not as well-versed at anatomy as you need to be,” Neville said in regards to the facial sculpt underneath the mask.  Glenn despised the mask and compared it to something you would see in a frat house Halloween party.  It didn’t make any sense to me.  How on earth was this a superhero?  Looked silly to me.

Meagan Ve said the sculpting was really rough before Glenn added that the overall creation just “didn’t work.”

Michael “When I look at this I wonder what the hell did he do the whole time?” Ve said before adding that it just appeared to be a huge waste of time.  “You made so many bad decisions tonight and ultimately, you just didn’t give us any makeup to look at,” Glenn said as they chose to eliminate Michael next  This actually makes the most sense to me, too, since he was also in the bottom during the first episode.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups?  Who is your favorite contestant so far?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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