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Matt Damon Kidnaps Jimmy Kimmel

January 25, 2013 12:04 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Anyone who regularly watches Jimmy Kimmel Live already knows that Project Greenlight alum Matt Damon has been a long-running gag. But after years of being bumped off the show as a result of “not enough time,” Matt finally got his revenge. What happens when Jimmy Kimmel’s show is hijacked? Mass hilarity, that’s what!

You can’t short change Matt Damon forever…that’s the lesson Jimmy Kimmel learned last night, when he was kidnapped and then forced to watch as his show was decimated on live TV. After years of being denied the opportunity to speak, Matt decided that it was time for the TV host to shut up. After duct-taping Jimmy to a chair, Matt announced, “There’s a new host in town and his initials are M.D. That’s right, the doctor is in….Tonight good triumphs over evil. I am Luke Skywalker and [Kimmel] is the Death Star. Big and round and easily destroyed through his garbage hole.”

M.D. decided that what Jimmy Kimmel Live needed was a few changes. First, he changed the name of the show to Jimmy Kimmel Sucks. Then, he axed Jimmy’s sidekick Guillermo and replaced him with Andy Garcia…well, Andy Garcia with a Spanish accent. Sheryl Crow was also added to the cast as the brand new band leader. And instead of telling jokes himself, Matt had iPhone Siri search up a world-class comedian. The result? A monologue from Robin Williams!

As if this new cast was not star-studded enough, Matt Damon decided to bring in several other A-list pals as guests. Joining the fun: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Sally Field, John Krasinski, Nicole Kidman and Robert De Niro. Oprah was full of praise for the new host, explaining, “Not everybody can host a show. I know that is true. Great job.”

Well, if Oprah says it, it must be true, right? We’d like to extend a hearty congrats to Matt Damon, TV host extraordinaire!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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