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Katy Perry Mans Up On Ellen DeGeneres Show

January 27, 2013 02:00 PM by Donna W. Martin

Although Katy Perry turned down an invitation to sit on the American Idol judges’ panel, when given the chance, she couldn’t resist the urge to man up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. What’s up with that? Keep reading for more details.

According to NBC, Perry fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a game show host when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show recently. Before introducing Perry, Ellen said, “I just found out that friend of mine has always dreamed of being a game show host and I’m not going to let that go by without helping make that happen.”

Perry hit the stage dancing, dressed in retro male clothing, slicked down hair, and a moustache. “Happy birthday,” she told Ellen.

“I want you to have a game show now that I know that’s how you’d start.”

“I am actually a second cousin to Bob Barker,” Perry said.

“Are you really?”

“I am not!” Perry said. “Shall we play? Welcome everybody…I am so proud to be the host of everybody’s favorite party game, Grab Ellen’s Bust.”

She called two contestants from the audience and explained she was going to ask some questions. “Whoever grabs this bust [a fake breast complete with a face and hair] first will get to answer. And whoever gets to three points first will win a trip to Australia.”

Perry explained, “All the questions are going to be about Ellen because it’s her birthday.”

The excited contestants grabbed the bust and answered the questions. The winner received a trip to Australia and the loser walked away with a $1,000 gift card. But that wasn’t all; the rest of the studio audience received a $250 gift card each to target.

What a hoot! Check it out.

What did you think of Perry’s stint as a male game show host? Post a comment and let us know.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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