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Katy Perry Loves History, Cooking

January 28, 2013 02:00 PM by Megan Wilson

Katy Perry, American Idol guest star and stout Obama supporter, recently opened up with PopChips in an interview.  Katy is their new ambassador, and is even creating her own PopChips flavor!  Katy talked about cooking, being at the inauguration, and what she never leaves the home without.  What did she say?  Keep reading for the details!

Katy Perry is a major brand’s DREAM.  She can sell ANYTHING.  Katy recently partnered up with PopChips to create a brand new flavor, along with a brand new take on the snack food.  While revealing her new flavor of PopChips, Katie talked about her new love for heating things up in the kitchen.  I’m wondering if this may be a new talent she likes to show off to her newest boy toy John Mayer.  “I’ve actually been taking cooking classes, I started last year.  I’m not that experienced yet but I’m great at breakfast. I know how to make an omelet so it doesn’t become a scramble. I know how to flip it so it doesn’t scramble, and every woman knows that’s tricky.”

Katy also discussed her presence at the inauguration, saying, “I think the inauguration was one of the best weekends of my life.  I got a private tour of the Capitol, and just to have walked in the same places that, say, Abraham Lincoln has. I love history, if I was ever going to do anything else I’d study history!”

During the interview, PopChips took questions via Twitter-and one question got a surprising answer.  “What is one thing you always leave the house with?”  Katy said, “Baby wipes!  My fans might already know that but I use them for everything. They’re great for face, body, fashion fixes, you name it.”

The brand asked if Katy branded wipes would be on store shelves soon; she joked, “Let’s do it!”

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Photo Credit: MTV

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  1. Katy perry _LOVER Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Hi guys! SHES SO ADORABLE ADN HOT! Shes my fave singer and also, I BOUGHT HER PERFUME! Just cuz i love her to death!!! :)


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