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The Bachelor Recap: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

January 28, 2013 08:08 PM by Candace Young

Last week on The Bachelor, after Kacie B made the terrible decision to report to Sean Lowe on two of the other girls in the house, she came off looking like a drama queen and got her walking papers before the Rose Ceremony. Will another bachelorette get the boot before tonight’s rose ceremony? Keep reading to find out…

Chris Harrison greets the 13 remaining girls on The Bachelor to deliver the first date card. Selma nabs the one-on-one date, ‘Let’s turn on the heat’, and goes to get ready. Sean, once again, is puttering around semi-nude in the bathroom over at his place.

Selma and Sean head out in sporty attire in a limo. They arrive at a jet and walk the red carpet to board. Selma still has no clue what they’ll be doing or where they’re going. Sean hints to the camera that it’s far from glamorous. Yep. They land in the desert.

Selma immediately begins grumbling about the heat and soon feels ‘puffy’. She also doesn’t like heights and isn’t athletic. Sean tells her they’ll be climbing to the top of a huge rock face. Not only does she do it, she gets way ahead of Sean, and at the top, turns around and looks down and all around. This would not have happened if she truly had a fear of heights. I call manufactured drama.

Later, they visit a cute little trailer park. Each trailer is lit up and has a unique decorating theme. They camp out and talk. Selma opens up about her conservative Arabic family. She tells Sean she can’t kiss him on TV because her mother would have a heart attack. Selma explains that dating is very secretive in her culture. In-camera shows her going on and on about wanting his lips on hers – she might as well have done it! She gets a rose.

The group date card arrives. It’s for Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra. ‘Looking for a woman who can roll with the punches’ is the theme. They’ll be doing roller derby. Sean is full of anticipation – the girls, not so much.

Amanda tells the other team she’s done roller derby before to ‘get in their heads’. Tierra’s ready to take out some aggression. Sarah struggles to keep her balance with just one arm.  AshLee gives her a pep talk. Sean reassures her too. She decides to try again. More drama ensues when Amanda does a face plant and smashes her chin on the hard floor. It could be a shattered jaw. She is taken to the hospital to get checked out. Sean calls off the competition and they have a disco free skate.

Later, they all get dressed up. The girls follow Sean across the street like baby ducks. At their destination, they have a drinks party. Tierra sulks as Sean takes Sarah away to talk alone. After, Amanda reappears and consequently Sean takes her aside. In-camera, Amanda promises to milk the chin injury for all it’s worth. Lovely.

Meanwhile, tension rises between Tierra and Robyn. Tierra takes it to hissy-fit level after Sean goes off with Lindsay. She tells the camera people she wants to leave and storms off crying about being tortured. She crouches outside Sean’s door and nabs him as he’s about to go swim with Lindsay. She cries him a river about how awful it all has been and soon is grinning as he cajoles her into staying. The manipulation works – he goes and gets her the rose, which leaves the others stunned. Robyn declares Tierra to be a plague of bad energy.

Leslie H gets the last one-on-one date this week – ‘Could this be forever’. It comes with diamond earrings. She’s very enthused.

Leslie seems a bit wacky and fun as she and Sean take off in a sports car. He pulls to a stop on Rodeo Drive to pick out new clothes to go with the earrings. Leslie’s in Pretty Woman heaven. When she finds the gown she loves, she chants, “Winner winner chicken dinner!” Sean dons a tux and takes her to Neil Lane for a necklace to complete the look. Wow!

Leslie marries herself off to Sean as they head to a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, it’s not actually romantic because they have a very open conversation about love and family, but there’s no spark or even flirtation happening. He picks up the rose – tease! – and tells her she can’t have it; he’s not the man for her.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Sean kicks things off by explaining Leslie’s untimely departure. He spends time with AshLee. He loves that she isn’t rattled by the other girls. Robyn gets a kiss during her alone time. As the girls discuss Tierra behind her back, she vents to Amanda, and then tries a new tactic – clearing the air. She begins by apologizing/accusing Robyn of attacking her. Robyn counters that she acts two-faced. Tierra wishes they’d stop focusing on what she’s doing and why. Robyn, feeling generous after Sean’s kiss, accepts the apology. Daniella feels it’s another manipulation.

Tierra gets alone time with Sean, and as the other girls giggle at how ‘gross’ they are together, Tierra works to convince him that she’s not a drama person. In-camera, Sean maintains that Tierra is simply emotional and passionate. Ahem. Catherine logs some laughs and make-out time with Sean before Harrison ends the party.

At the rose ceremony, Selma and Tierra are safe. Sean offers roses to Catherine, Des, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella. Amanda is outta’ there. It’s an awkward and brief goodbye.

Are you glad Amanda’s gone? Don’t forget that The Bachelor is on Monday and Tuesday next week!

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