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The Biggest Loser Recap: Drill Sergeant Harper Takes No Prisoners

January 28, 2013 08:43 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels lost yet another contestant, so we all thought she would have turned into complete no nonsense nasty mode tonight. But instead, we watched Bob Harper turn into a drill sergeant that was not about to take any prisoners, in his last ditch effort to ensure his team stayed together. But, did his strategy work?

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight with a very emotional Danni, who was still mourning the loss of her team mate, Pam. Meanwhile, Jillian Michaels was also trying to figure out how to handle her last player standing, and in an odd change of events, Jillian decided that this week, she would take a softer approach on Danni, knowing that Danni was going to be emotional – would it work?

Ironically, it was Bob Harper who went all “drill sergeant” this week, with a no nonsense approach for his team. So far this season, Bob has not lost any players, and he was not about to change that now. But the tougher Bob Harper seemed to wear on his team, who were struggling with keeping up their great numbers. Then the show cut to a quick mini-update, where we got to see Nikki (she left the first week on her own) who lost 50 pounds at home, as well as TC, who has lost 80 pounds since being eliminated in the first week.

Next, a bigger challenge presented itself for the contestants tonight – grocery shopping. Yes, grocery shopping…we all do it, but exactly how easy is it to eat healthy on a budget? Well, all three teams seemed to have no problem choosing healthy groceries for under $70 per person for the week – or basically $10 a day. But that added stress of having to figure out their own meals for their team for the entire week added to the stress that Bob Harper’s blue team was already feeling.

When it was time for the challenge this week, it was an enticing one. Alison announced that the winning team would win a gym membership for 10 family members/friends, as well as the choice of either phone calls to home, or a two pound advantage on the scale. The challenge itself, which was swimming and tossing weights around seemed to prove harder than it looked for the players. And just when we thought we were going to see the first battle of the season (over the prize choice), it ended up being Danni who pulled through and kicked both the other teams’ booties – that girl can swim!

After a brief video chat with the child contestants, it was time for the trainers to do their last chance workouts. Bob Harper was once again taking no prisoners, but this appeared to be exactly what his team needed this week. Bob fought with Alex to overcome her fears and push harder so she would get the numbers that she wanted to see on the scale. Meanwhile, Gina seemed to be whining about everything tonight, but Bob gave it right back to her.

In any event, all that really matters is the scale, right? Here is how the teams did:

Bob Harper’s Blue Team:

Jeff from 342 to 329 (-13)

Michael from 384 to 371 (-13)

David from 263 to 253 (-10)

Alex from 217 to 207 (-10)

Gina from 206 to 197 (-9)

Total team loss of 55 lbs

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team:

Lisa from 214 to 209 (-5)

Jackson from 288 to 280 (-8)

Francelina from 231 to 224 (-7)

Joe from 310 to 299 (-11)

Total team loss of 31 lbs

Jillian Michaels’ White Team:

Danni from 222 to 213 (-9)

Total team loss of 11 lbs with her 2 lb advantage

That meant that Bob Harper’s team is still together, and Jillian Michaels was able to rest easy since she wouldn’t be heading home. However, that did mean that Dolvett Quince’s team was on the chopping block this week. Being a close knit team, it was a tough decision, but the team decided to send Lisa home, knowing that she would prevail at home. And she is – so far! To date, Lisa is down 76 pounds and counting. We can’t wait to see her at the finale!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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