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Mindy McCready Denies Shooting Boyfriend

January 29, 2013 04:30 PM by Megan Wilson

Mindy McCready, Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew alum, has come under fire recently after her long time boyfriend, David Wilson, died from a gunshot wound earlier this month.  Originally authorities thought the shot was self-inflicted.  Reports are saying now, however, that the person who pulled the trigger may not have been Wilson.

While the tests meant to determine whether the fatal shot was self inflicted or not won’t be in for a few weeks, Mindy went on the Today show to talk about her life with David, and the impact his death had on her.

Mindy conducted the interview from her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.  “I have never gone through anything this painful,” Mindy said.  “He didn’t just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soul mate.”  When asked to speak about the incident itself, Mindy tearfully recalled the horrifying situation, saying that David wasn’t dead when she found him.  “I just started screaming, calling 911.  I lay down next to him and just just pleaded with him not to die.”  Mindy added, “He was responding,” but just making sounds, not words.

Rumors are surfacing that the two may have had an argument over whispers of an affair, but Mindy claims that’s not true.  When asked if Mindy was the one that pulled the trigger, she exclaimed, “Oh, my God, no. He was my life. We were each others’ life.”

In a mysterious twist, the bullet was not found until the next day; Mindy says that it was in the dog’s mouth.

Mindy is no stranger to hard times.  She’s had a tough few years, which have included jail time, rehab, and a long, bitter custody battle over her child with Billy McKnight.

Do you think Mindy knows more than she’s letting on?  Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Photo Credit: FOX

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