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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Breakdowns & Surprises

January 29, 2013 05:35 AM by Donna W. Martin

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, it was one thing after another for the moms… but not all of them were bad.  Who had a breakdown? Who received a surprise call? And who got engaged? Keep reading to find out!

Here’s how it all went down…


The girls were going to be with Corey for the weekend of their birthday so Jeremy planned a Tennessee cabin getaway for him and Leah. When they arrived, he told Leah to go on upstairs to bed and that he’d be up after hitting the hot tub. Once Leah went upstairs, Jeremy pulled out a ring box and hid it in a vase by the television.

The next day, while Leah slept, Jeremy made her breakfast. He got the ring box out of the vase and went upstairs with her breakfast. She was surprised because nobody had ever made her breakfast in bed. There was a vase of flowers on the food tray with a card. When Leah opened the card, it read, “Will you marry me?” Then Jeremy pulled out the ring and proposed. Leah said yes. She asked him if he was ready to be a stepdad and he said yes, that he loved the girls and wanted to have kids of his own with her.

Later, Leah called her mom to tell her the news. Her mom said, “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you.”

Leah said she felt like she would have a family now but one thing was bothering her… she knew she had to tell Corey. Her mom told her she had to make herself happy instead of worrying about Corey.

Later that evening, Jeremy and Leah packed up to go back home. She said she had fun, didn’t want to leave, and couldn’t believe they came to the cabin dating and were leaving engaged.

After they had been back from the cabin a while, Jeremy was out of town working and Leah talked to the girls about marrying Jeremy while she gave them a bath.

Later, her sister watched the girls so she could go with Kayla for a pedicure. Leah talked to Kayla about the engagement and told her she had taken her IUD out. Kayla asked her why she didn’t wait until they were married and worried about Leah rushing things and ending up in a situation like she was in before with Corey. Leah told her she thought their relationship would last and admitted she had been sick and probably should take a pregnancy test. Kayla said she hoped she wasn’t pregnant.

Sometime later, Leah was at home alone with the girls. She put them in their highchairs for a snack and went to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. And guess what? She’s pregnant!


Hannah moved in with Jenelle. Barbara let Jenelle and Tori and Hannah take Jace to a children’s museum.

The next day, Jenelle received a message from Andrew and she was a bit shocked considering she hadn’t heard from him in over a year. He wanted to see Jace but Jenelle wasn’t sure if she wanted him to come back into Jace’s life.

Later, Jenelle met up with her friend, Allison and talked to her about the situation with Andrew. She even told her she wasn’t sure if Andrew was Jace’s father…As it turns out, his father might be one of Tori’s ex-boyfriends. Andrew knew there was a possibility he wasn’t the father but he signed the birth certificate anyway.

Jenelle thought she could ignore the paternity situation, but realized she owed it to Jace to find out who his real father is… but she’s not sure where to start.

She went to see her mom, Barbara and told her about Andrew’s call. Jenelle told Barbara she needed to find out who Jace’s father is and Barbara agreed and said they would research what they needed to do to get a paternity test… the sooner the better.

The only problem was, Jenelle needed to get Andrew to agree to take the test. She talked to Hannah about it and then called Andrew. As they were talking, he asked about Jace but couldn’t remember how old he was. Then he told Jenelle he wasn’t on drugs and alcohol anymore.

Jenelle asked him if he would be willing to take a paternity test and he said yes because he had always questioned whether he was the father and said Jace deserves to know who his dad is. Jenelle was going to research everything and get the test set up and then she would contact him. In the end, she hoped Andrew wasn’t the father so he could take the test and she could be done with him for good.


Chelsea was getting ready to move into her new house and take her final two GED tests. She called Adam’s parents to watch Aubree so she could move.

She had been talking to Adam but only as it related to Aubree. Her mom reminded her that she has a lot going on and that she had to learn to parent separately from Adam.

Later, on Adam’s 21st birthday, Chelsea was depressed because they had spent his last four birthdays together. She planned to have friends over for moral support. But before they got there, she let Aubree call Adam and wish him a happy birthday. Chelsea didn’t talk to him.

Later that night, Chelsea’s friend Tyler and his friend Mitch came over. Chelsea was upset because she was thinking of Adam. Tyler told her to stop bringing him up. “Don’t think about it,” he said. Chelsea started to cry and then went upstairs. She got in bed with Aubree and broke down crying.

A few days later, she moved into her new house and studied for her GED tests. She talked to Erika and admitted she was nervous about the tests and had been a wreck on Adam’s birthday but said she was back on track now and getting stronger.

Sometime later, Chelsea’s mom watched Aubree while she took the math and science GED tests. When she was done, she called her dad and told him she was afraid she didn’t pass. Then she went to get Aubree and talked to her mom about the tests and getting her new house in order. It will take two weeks to get the test results.


Isaac was with Jo for the weekend so Kailyn went out with Javi. They talked about school and how neither of them were dating anyone. Then Kailyn told him she had a son.

Even though she had fun with Javi, Kailyn wasn’t sure where she wanted it to go. Gigi came over and asked Kailyn about Javi. She told her it was fun and she had a good time with him. Then they talked about how different Javi was from Jo but Kailyn wasn’t ready to rush into anything. She told Gigi that she had never been single long and just wanted to keep it fun. Kailyn said she wanted to introduce Isaac to Javi while they were just friends because she didn’t want to have him around a lot of different boyfriends.

Later, Kailyn and Jo took Isaac for his first haircut. Isaac was a little trooper and sat still for the haircut.

Then Kailyn and Isaac went to an arcade to meet Javi. Javi played with Isaac and helped him play games. He even won some dinosaurs for Isaac. Kailyn told Javi she didn’t want to jump into a relationship but they could hang out as long as things were good with Isaac.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised Jeremy asked Leah to marry him so soon? Do you think their relationship will last? And what do you think about her pregnancy? Post a comment and let us know.

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