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The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Five

January 29, 2013 01:19 PM by Christine McDow

Gina McDonald, the often misunderstood, and one of the oldest contestants on The Biggest Loser this season is blogging exclusively for SheKnows.com and she has a lot to say about what is going on at the Biggest Loser ranch. What does she think about the first month and this last week? Keep reading for a peek and then follow the link below to read her entire blog.

Gina McDonald admits that being on the Biggest Loser ranch and trying to lose the majority of the 245 pounds she started with has not been easy. Bob Harper worked her to the point, in just the first day that she wanted to run away. Contestants fell on her after just two minutes, and the never ending physical exertion almost meant the end of her stay on the ranch.

Gina McDonald also holds nothing back when it comes to describing the trainers stating, “Dolvett has that sly come-over-here grin then he yells at you like a drill sergeant. Bob is like a long-lost brother to me… and on most days I wish he was still lost! No, really, Bob and I have a brother-sister thing going and we each know what buttons to push! Jill, where do I begin? She is the boss of the gym and don’t you ever forget it! Like Dolvett said, she built this house and, let me tell you, she can train you like no other.”

For more of Gina’s recap of the season so far, and what she feels about what happened during week five, hop on over to SheKnows.com and read her exclusive blog!

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