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The Biggest Loser’s Lisa Rambo Is Determined To Win The At Home Prize

January 29, 2013 04:24 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on The Biggest Loser, Dolvett Quince’s red team was beaten on the scale by both Bob Harper’s team and Jillian Michaels’ remaining player. The weigh in resulted in the second elimination for the red team, as they sent Lisa Rambo home. Don’t worry though, Lisa is determined to continue her journey at home, and show up at the finale with her eye on the prize!

The Biggest Loser‘s latest eliminated contestant, Lisa Rambo may not have won the $250k, but speaking with the media today, Lisa shared her determination to keep going strong. In fact, she is eyeing the prize – the at home prize, that is. Rambo also shared her thoughts on working with Dolvett Quince and her overall experience. Check out her interview below!

How Lisa’s expectations differed from the reality of the ranch:
I was excited. I was looking forward to being on the show and getting to the ranch. But being on the ranch far exceeded all the expectations I had. It was the most amazing, incredible experience I’ve ever had.

What she learned on The Biggest Loser:
If I put my mind to it, I can do just about anything. I gained that confidence there. Being on The Biggest Loser empowered me. I came back stronger. I got off the plane after being eliminated and met my husband for a three mile run. The next morning we cleaned out our kitchen and restocked. I’ve been working hard since I’ve been home.

Her favorite memory there:
I have lots of amazing memories. I think I would have to say the during one workout with Dolvett, where he kind of pulled me aside and let me know that I was doing an amazing job. He told me that I had to be confident in my being enough, and I started believing it in that moment. But I had so many amazing memories, it’s hard to pinpoint one memory.

On whether or not the red team choosing her was pre-determined before the vote:
I think we were all going into that week really confident. The red team was strong all week, and we didn’t imagine ourselves being there again. It was a surprise, it could have been any one of us. It was hard and it was not discussed beforehand because we were really confident.

Lisa’s thoughts on being deemed the player with the best chance to continue at home:
Yes, I have a family to take care of, but I also have myself to take care of. I know there is a time for everything and things happen for a reason. I went home because I am strong, and they knew I could do it. My husband is doing it with me, he’s lost 17 pounds so far. We’re strong and doing this together. I have lost over 80 pounds so far.

How her life has changed, and her thoughts on trying to win the at home prize:
I am definitely trying to be the at home winner – I’ve got my eye on prize. But, I have already won – I have changed my lifestyle. I am now teaching my kids how to eat right and to fall in love with fitness. I am eating a lot of what we ate on the ranch. I am working out a lot – I am in competition mode and I want to win. I am back at work full time and have four kids, but I have an amazing husband who is helping me. My mom, my sisters, and my aunts have really stepped up and helped take care of my children. My husband actually took the laundry basket from me the other day and said: “you are still on this me mission, it’s not over yet.” I am a very lucky lady.

On Dolvett Quince:
Dolvett is an amazing trainer. I, hands down, got the best trainer on the ranch. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. He’s magic. He’s passionate about people and training them to become the people they need to become. Dolvett has a special place in my heart. It’s an honor to be trained by someone who is so passionate about what he does. I was blessed to be trained by him.

On how she stayed so positive on the ranch:
I did not have one single negative experience there. I went there knowing that I had a job to do. I knew that it would be hard work and that there would be painful times. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I knew I was going to give 110 percent all of the time, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Lisa Rambo’s thoughts on eating healthy while on a budget:
It’s important. You need to make sure that you plan out your meals. You need to know what you’re going to buy before you get there. Buy your vegetables and fruits, lean protein, and cut the junk. Junk food is just an added expense that you don’t need.

Her thoughts on childhood obesity and how she is helping her kids at home:
I’ve always been bigger. I remember being in High School and not having a cheerleading skirt that fit me – my aunt had to make me one. At that time, talking about childhood obesity was taboo. But, you can’t fix something that you’re not talking about. I commend The Biggest Loser for taking on this issue. If we can take care of our kids when they’re young, we won’t have 30-year-olds on The Biggest Loser to begin with. What I learned is eating right is a choice, and you have to make time for it. For my family, we make sure that we are only keeping healthy food and snacks in our house right now. We threw away bags of food, and guess what? My kids did not freak out. Your kids won’t freak out either, they will actually enjoy the process.

Lisa added that she cannot chose one player that she feels will walk away as the winner, but she did commend Danni’s strength as a competitor. Best of luck to Lisa Rambo – we can’t wait to see you at the finale!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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