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Chelsea Handler And Piers Morgan Trade Insults

January 31, 2013 03:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Piers Morgan is not afraid to land himself in the midst of hardcore controversy, as was evidenced by a recent petition to have the former America’s Got Talent judge deported…and again shortly thereafter by the catastrophic Alex Jones gun ownership debate. Now, Piers is in the midst of another battle — this time with Chelsea Handler!

It’s pretty hard to beat the craziness that ensued during Piers Morgan’s debate with Alex Jones, but if you were going to judge Piers’ more recent encounter with Chelsea Handler on a scale of mild ribbing to complete disaster, you just might have a runner-up! Alex Jones still wins, because Chelsea Handler failed to tell Piers Morgan that 1776 would commence if he took her guns. But Chelsea still knows how to dish out the insults, as she was all too happy to do during her Wednesday night interview with Piers.

The problems began immediately after Piers sat down for his interview. Chelsea asked what the CNN host was staring at, and, in an ill-fated effort to appear humorous, Piers replied, “Well, you’ve either had plastic surgery or makeup because you look really hot today.” Annoyed, Chelsea accused Piers of having “molester eyes,” adding, “You’re so obnoxious, you wonder why everybody hates you.”

Not prepared to be one-upped, Piers shot back, “When I come on the show you are really hungover in a really unprofessional way.” He then turned to the audience and commented, “‘She’s like a bad boomerang, you chuck her away and she just sucks back in.”

The battle continued, with the two bickering about whether Piers was a better interviewer than Chelsea and playing an imaginary violin in sympathy for “‘Poor multi-millionairess Chelsea, whining about  her life again.”

This is one of those bits in which it’s actually kinda difficult to tell whether the two really are pissed at each other or if it’s all a big joke. Check out the clip below and tell us what you think!

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