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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Leave It To Beaver

February 01, 2013 10:07 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

A very fragmented season of Kitchen Nightmares continues in Beaver, Pennsylvania, the location of the struggling Levanti’s Italian Restaurant. The restaurant’s owners are in the midst of a nasty sibling rivalry, leaving Chef Ramsay to once again play the role of family therapist.

It’s pretty easy to make fun of the town of Beaver, Pennsylvania, given its name and all. But in Beaver, the real laughingstock is Levanti’s Italian Restaurant, an eatery formerly run by Tony but now nearly run into the ground by Tony’s children, Tina and Dino. The brother and sister have developed quite the sibling rivalry over the years, getting into intense battles over the stupidest things. Unfortunately, they are more focused on bickering than actually putting any effort into the restaurant. As a result, the establishment is receiving all kinds of complaints related to food quality and service. And that’s where Gordon Ramsay comes in!

Chef Ramsay arrives in Beaver, not quite knowing what to expect. He’s absolutely appalled at what he encounters when he visits, watching in disgust as Tina and Dino scream at each other. He goes through the typical “make me some food!” round and is only too happy to return all the samples brought out to him. It doesn’t take long for Chef Ramsay to ascertain that the food problems are a direct result of the fighting. Back in the day when Tony had control over the restaurant, it was actually regarded as a great place to grab a meal.

Tony agrees that his kids are out of line. Chef Ramsay confronts him and says he’s going to have to be the strong father for once and put his foot down. If it means treating his kids like a pair of bickering 5-year-olds, so be it. Tony gathers his kids for a chat and explains that, not only is their fighting very distressing for him, it’s ruining the restaurant he worked so hard to create. Amazingly, instead of getting all defensive (as is prone to happen during interventions on Kitchen Nightmares), Tina and Dino agree that they’ve been terrors and promise to start working together.

With brother and sister on board, it’s time to get the restaurant ready for its relaunch! The family is surprised to find the entire place made over, with the interior designers having gone for a more modern approach. Additionally, Chef Ramsay decidd to make it easier on the restaurant’s staff by providing them with a handy-dandy POS system and a Blodgette for the kitchen. Everyone raves over the new equipment and clearly looks very excited to put it all to use.

There’s one problem I have with this relaunch: the restaurant is being changed from Levanti’s Italian Restaurant to Levanti’s American Bistro. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind this. Are American Bistros more modern? Does Chef Ramsay simply have something against Italian food? This is all the more significant when you consider the fact that Tony is Italian — accent and all. Perhaps there’s a reason he established an Italian restaurant in the first place? However, Tony, Dino and Tina don’t seem to mind that their restaurant’s title has changes, so I guess whatever makes them happy is good enough for me.

The relaunch is definitely a frantic one, owing mostly to Dino and Tina’s incompetence. Dino finds it impossible to keep up with the crowds that are forming, even though he has the assistance of a chef consultant named Chris. Before long, there’s families complaining about having waited over an hour for their food. Chris ends up taking over to show Dino how it’s done. He gets everything back on track with seemingly no effort — the magic of knowing what you’re doing! The good news is, despite a few long waits, all the customers love the food. And they say they’ll be back!

Chef Ramsay does his usual end of episode recap, concluding that, since this is such a close-knit town, he’ll just have to leave it to Beaver. How clever.

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