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Project Runway Recap: Balls Are Our Business

February 01, 2013 05:20 AM by Donna W. Martin

On this week’s episode of Project Runway, the 15 remaining designers, 8 from Team Keeping It Real and 7 from Team Dream Team, squared off to create five outfits each. Which team came out on top? And which designer was sent home? Keep reading to find out.

For this week’s challenge, the designers worked within the same teams as last week. Each team had to create a total of five outfits for Spin New York City, a ping-pong social club owned by actress, Susan Sarandon. So what type of outfits were they designing? They had to create four server outfits, three female and one male and one ball boy outfit. The outfits had to be fashionable and exude the fun and upbeat environment that is Spin.

But that wasn’t all… Spin’s slogan is “Balls Are Our Business” and the designers were required to incorporate the slogan into the ball boy uniform. The designers were given one day to complete the challenge and the winning design would go into all Spin locations across the country.

Before the designers could get started, they were put to work at Spin as servers and ball boys so they could get a feel for the type of outfits needed and what it was like to work at Spin. Then they had 30 minutes to meet with their teams and sketch their designs.

After sketching, they were off to mood. Each team had a $500 budget, $100 per outfit and 30 minutes to shop. Then they headed to the workroom to get busy. The designers tried to work together and coordinate who was responsible for which part of each outfit and to marry their ideas into cohesive garments.

This week, the designers had a screen printer at their disposal to help incorporate the Spin logo into the ball boy uniforms.

As the designers worked, Tim came in to check on the teams and give some much-needed advice. After he left, the designers went back to work. Later, the models came in for their fittings. Team Dream Team looked like they may be in trouble because they had a lot of unfinished garments.

The next day, Team Dream Team started to come together and helped each other. But Kate on Team Keeping It Real didn’t like any of the looks on her team.

The designers worked to finish their looks. And after a trip to hair and makeup, the models were dressed. Then it was show time.

Daniel won the last challenge, which meant he had immunity, and could not be eliminated this week.

After both teams walked the runway, it was time for the judges to critique the outfits. The outcome was the same as last week, Team Keeping It Real won the challenge, and Team Dream Team lost.

The judges critiqued the three high scoring outfits from Team Keeping It Real. A female server outfit designed by Layana and Daniel was up first. Guest judge and Spin owner, Susan Sarandon said they did a “great job” and the outfit was “very practical and sexy.” Zac said the “tee shirt gave it formality.” Heidi said, “She looks cute and sexy but not overly sexy.” And Nina added, “Charming, adorable, and practical.”

The next look was a male server outfit designed by Stanley. Nina said it was “edgy, fun, and cool with a little futuristic look and a little retro look.” Susan said her “guys would wear this…it’s practical, strong, and sexy.” Heidi said she “loved the pants” but didn’t care for the “drop crotch.” And Zac said he liked the pockets.

The third high scoring look was the ball boy outfit designed by Joseph and Richard. Heidi said the outfit was “really cool and fashion forward with branding.” Zac said he liked the “graphic breakup.” And Susan said the carrier on the back was very “clever.”

Then the judges looked at the three low scoring designs from Team Dream Team. A male server outfit designed by James was up first. Nina said the length of the shorts was “disturbing” and looked more like a “cabana boy or a pool boy.” Susan said she wasn’t sure if there was anything about the outfit that would “identify him as a server.” Heidi said she didn’t like the “open armpits” in the shirt. And Zac agreed saying the “top looks messy.”

The next look was a female server outfit designed by Benjamin and Cindy. Heidi said it looked like what a “receptionist at a hotel” would wear. Susan said it “seemed sad” and didn’t fit in with the Spin environment. Zac agreed saying it wasn’t an “appropriate outfit for the job” and it “looked generic.” Nina said it looked like “something you’d buy out of a dated catalog” and “the shorts were terrible.”

The third low scoring look was the ball boy outfit designed by Matthew and Benjamin. Susan said, “My guys wouldn’t wear a skirt…but I think it’s very ballsy.” Zac said there was “a lot going on” and they “ignored practicality.” And Heidi said the crotch piece with the slogan was “tasteless.”

The designers were dismissed so the judges could talk among themselves and then asked to come back to the runway for their decision.

Heidi told Layana she was the winner of this week’s challenge. The remaining designers from Team Keeping It Real were all safe and left the runway.

Then Heidi told Samantha, Michelle, Tu, Benjamin, and Matthew from Team Dream Team they were safe and could also leave the runway. That left Cindy and James in the bottom two.

Heidi told Cindy her blazer “missed the mark” and that it was “corporate and dowdy.” She told James his “blah tank top and poorly made Capri pants would not fit the vibe at Spin.”

“Cindy, you are in and can leave the runway,” Heidi said. “I’m sorry James, that means you are out.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you agree with the judges’ decision to send James home? And do you like the teams edition of Project Runway? Post a comment and let us know.

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