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Lady Gaga Fires Off During Deposition

February 03, 2013 10:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

So You Think You Can Dance guest judge, Lady Gaga, 26, real name Stefani Germanotta went totally gaga and fired off during a deposition  last August in connection with a lawsuit brought against her by former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill. Keep reading for more details.

According to People, court records obtained by the New York Post revealed that O’Neill worked for Gaga from 2009 to 2011. After which, she filed a lawsuit against the “Born This Way” singer claiming she violated labor laws and owed her more than $393,000 in unpaid overtime plus damages. According to E! News, Gaga failed to pay O’Neill for 7,168 hours of overtime.

During Gaga’s deposition, she fired off under oath. “If you’re going to ask me questions for the next five hours, I am going to tell you exactly what f*cking happened, so that the judge can read on this transcript exactly what’s going on,” she said. Then added, “This whole case is bullsh*t and you know it.”

At one point, Gaga asked O’Neill, “Are you going to stare at me like a witch this whole time – honestly? Because this is going to be a long f*cking day.”

Gaga referred to O’Neill as a “f*cking hood rat” because she was suing her for “money she didn’t earn.” Gaga said she had paid O’Neill a yearly salary of $75,000 and that “was essentially a favor [because] Jennifer was majorly unqualified.”

Gaga went on to explain how much of a luxury it was to work for her and how O’Neill took it all for granted. “It is, like, such an amazing luxury that I get to travel the world and have planes, she doesn’t even see what a luxury it is, but she thinks it’s owed to her for no reason,” said Gaga. “She slept in Egyptian cotton sheets every night, in five-star hotels, on private planes, eating caviar.”

“She’s just—she thinks she’s just like the queen of the universe,” Lady Gaga spouted. “And you know what; she didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the queen of the universe every day.”

Gaga assured O’Neill’s attorneys, “I’m quite wonderful to everybody that works for me, and I am completely aghast what a disgusting human being that you have become to sue me like this. In fact, she said, “I’m going to give all the money that she wants to my employees that work hard for me now that deserve it.”

What do you think about Gaga getting sued? Do you think she will be made to pay up? Post a comment and let us know.

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Photos Credit: MTV

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One Response to “Lady Gaga Fires Off During Deposition”

  1. linda Says:
    February 4th, 2013 at 1:41 am

    what a bitch i hope she had to pay out the nose !!


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