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Lil Wayne: I Don’t Watch Nicki Minaj On American Idol

February 03, 2013 04:00 PM by Megan Wilson

Nicki Minaj has settled in at American Idol as a judge, but fans have been slow to warm up to the cooky songstress.  While some may like Nicki’s presence on the talent scouting show, others, like Lil Wayne, have decided not to watch.  In an interview, the rapper discusses why he doesn’t tune in to watch Nicki on the show.  Keep reading for the details!

Lil Wayne is at the same “Crazy” level as Nicki Minaj, and the two are seemingly friendly.  Lil Wayne, however, admits that he doesn’t watch Nicki on American Idol.  Why?  Because Nicki tells him not to!  In an appearance at a mall in New Orleans, Lil Wayne talked about his mentoring of Nicki stopped when she stepped up to the judges panel on American Idol.

“Actually, I’ve never watched it,” Lil Wayne admitted.  “When I talk to her she’s always tells me, `You don’t wanna watch that, you’re not going to be into it.”  He also talked about the feud between Nicki and Mariah.  “She knows me. … It’s kind of like a catfight where they be going back and forth type of thing, I’m not into all that.  The talent on that is pretty good I heard, though.”

Nicki Minaj also talked about Lil Wayne’s weigh-in on her decision to join the judges panel, saying, “I asked a lot of people I really cared about if I should do it and the last person that I asked was Lil Wayne. He said ‘Absolutely do it’ and that was my last thing where I found peace with it, so I did it, I signed on the dotted line.”

Lil Wayne also talked about his newest endeavor, a clothing line called Trukfit.  While it’s just a line for men at this point, Lil Wayne has plans to expand the line to include women and children.  “They send everything, every design to me, and I approve or decline, and the designer is extremely OK (with that). … That person may have designed something, and I may say I hate it. I get no flack about it, and women are different.  So we’re trying to find the perfect female designer who has no problem with me declining what I don’t like.”

Have you watched Nicki on American Idol?  What do you think?  let us know in the comments!

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One Response to “Lil Wayne: I Don’t Watch Nicki Minaj On American Idol”

  1. Ritchie Says:
    February 20th, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    She is ruining the show :/ My family used to watch it every year and Now nobody cant stand her so we really havent been watching it togather.


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