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The Bachelor Recap: Choking Down Goat Milk

February 04, 2013 08:01 PM by Candace Young

Last week, Sean Lowe sent home ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ Leslie.This week on The Bachelor, Sean takes the remaining eleven girls to the Rockies in part one of two. The dreaded two-on-one date returns – one rose, one girl stays and one girl goes. Also, will Jackie’s gamble result in Tierra being sent home? Keep reading!

Chris Harrison tells the girls a dreaded two-on-one date will be thrown into the mix this week on The Bachelor. He also gives them an hour to pack their bags and get to the airport for their journey to Montana.

We don’t get a ‘Sean in the shower’ scene this week – he’s already on a biplane in the mountains. Boo.

The girls arrive at their lodge predictably enthusing about fresh air and dreams coming true. Selma’s right on top of the first date card, which reveals a one-on-one date for Lindsay. Sean arrives immediately to pick her up, leaving the others to get right on with the bitching and moaning.

Lindsay scores one of the infamous Bachelor helicopter rides. They picnic in a meadow in the mountains – apparently this is proof positive that Lindsay is low-maintenance, despite the fact she showed up wearing a wedding dress on the season opener.

By a romantic roaring fire later, Sean asks Lindsay about her ‘army brat’ upbringing. She tells him it, like, sucked. He thinks she’s amazing. They make out. Sarah Darling performs for them in downtown Whitefish afterward and they slow dance on a platform in front of a sea of people – can’t decide if this is romantic or awful, but it’s definitely preferable to jumping off a building, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, the group date card has to do with racing and involves everyone except Tierra and Jackie – meaning they will be on the dreaded two-on-one. Tierra acts oddly bubbly about the prospect, while Jackie is a little more concerned.

Harrison takes control of the group date, telling the girls, who are anxiously checking out two goats, that they’ll be split into two groups of four. He informs them they will have to canoe, run with hay bales, saw through wood, milk the goats, and then drink the goat milk. Losers go back to the lodge. A few of the girls are more than prepared to down goat’s milk for more face-time with Sean.

After some comically inept canoeing and some issues with falling apart hay bales, the teams are huffing and puffing on the cross-cut saws.  Ultimately, after some frantic goat milking, the red team emerges victorious – Desiree, Sarah, Selma, and Robyn will be staying with Sean. The blue team is transported away from the scene.

Sean sits with the winners, but feels bad about the blue team leaving – he’ll bend the rules. Harrison is dispatched to the lodge to invite the blue team to rejoin Sean and the red team at the party. Meanwhile, Sean breaks the news to the red team members that the blue team is returning. They take it like troopers in front of Sean but are bitter behind-the-scenes. Des sees Sean’s side of it, but isn’t happy about choking down goat milk for nothing. While Sean spends time with Sarah, the other three vent and decide that no one from the blue team had better get that rose.

Tierra, meanwhile, being the headache that she is, decides she shouldn’t have to wait for her two-on-one date, dons a blue team shirt, and goes off on her own to find Sean. She sneaks up on him while he’s answering in-camera questions. He’s clearly impatient when she goes on about her need to see the man she’s dating and how unfair it is that she got stuck with the two-on-one date. Leaving after some kissing, she thinks she is ahead of the game , but that remains to be seen.

Sean returns to team red and team blue. The ‘stealing Sean’ game promptly begins. Des has him first, but her complaining is interrupted quickly by AshLee. After that, he’s with Catherine. Daniella decides to steal him, but is taken aback by the sight of Catherine sitting on his lap and the pair of them looking so happy. Daniella turns back and winds up in tears. Sean appears and takes her off to placate her – and make out of course. He gives her the rose, which leaves the members of the red team steaming.

Tierra and Jackie head out on their two-on-one date next. Tierra is supremely confident and chuckles and snorts to the camera that Jackie has no idea she’s on a date with her and her ‘husband’. Sean meets them for some horseback riding. Jackie lags behind on her horse, but vows to take the lead with Sean by telling him what she ‘knows’ about Tierra. Hmm. Didn’t work too well for Kacie B!

Jackie goes for it, telling Sean that Tierra was flirting with a guy at the airport. He says it’s the kind of thing he needs to know, and assures Jackie he knows she’s genuine. Wow, didn’t shoot the messenger this time…but will her gamble pay off with a Tierra exit?

Sean tells the cameras that he feels Tierra’s love likely comes with a certain amount of drama. He takes her aside and she tells a tale of loving a guy who was in and out of rehab for five years, which caused her to become the person she is today.

It turns out Sean doesn’t have big romantic feelings for Jackie, so he keeps Tierra and treats her to fireworks over the water. Aw, who else had their hopes up?

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Des has another shot at alone time with Sean. She’s having trouble understanding his decisions and why he gives roses to girls who are having a hard time. Sean tells Des she didn’t need the rose on the group date to feel secure and the conversation sets them back.

Meanwhile, it’s drama time inside with Tierra sitting by herself and talking about ‘wanting to punch the bitches’ in-camera. Really? This girl hardly seems on Sean’s level maturity-wise. In fact, she probably should have been on Jersey Shore, rather than The Bachelor. What happens next would make Snooki feel right at home:  Tierra gets into it with Robyn, and then tells the girls she’s over their bullsh*t and that she doesn’t need this – there are plenty of guys out there to get engaged to! As luck would have it, Sean walks through the room as Tierra’s laying into Robyn.

Sean takes her aside and she complains that the girls are attacking her – she has no clue why! Determined not to be naive, Sean decides to ask Lesley, who tells him straight up that Tierra is different with them than she is with him, and lets him draw his own conclusions about Tierra not having formed relationships with any of them in the house. Sean takes an early exit from the party and chats with Harrison about his frustration with the drama surrounding Tierra.

Going into the rose ceremony, Tierra, Lindsay, and Daniella are safe. Sean offers roses to Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Des.

Robyn is leaving. Is it because she fought with Tierra, or just that her connection with Sean didn’t flourish? Why do you think he sent Robyn home?

Don’t forget The Bachelor airs a new episode again tomorrow night – and someone gets hurt again!

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  1. sally Says:
    February 6th, 2013 at 12:17 am

    sean are you crazy man that chick sehar is playing you bigtime and i think you may have sent your wife home you seem to give them all false home the lady from the other country wukk ve dusgraced after jussubg tiy ib tv sge reakkt gad ti gave sine reak strong


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