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The Biggest Loser Exclusive Blog With Francelina Morillo: Week Five

February 04, 2013 03:00 PM by Christine McDow

It is Monday night and that means it is Biggest Loser night for homes that love this weight loss show. As you prepare to sit down with your healthy snacks and bottles of water to see what happens on the ranch this week, read our exclusive blog with Francelina from week five to see what is going on in her mind with herself and the other contestants on the Biggest Loser Ranch.

It’s Week 5 at the ranch and I know things are only going to get harder and more intense. I am nervous about them YET excited. It gets more difficult but I am getting stronger. For the first time, in a long time, I am starting to feel like any challenge that is thrown my way, I can and will rise to the occasion. I look at it as an opportunity to further develop myself. After all, that’s what I came here for! In the past, I looked at other aspects of my life in this way. For example, any time I had an exam during college, I was excited. I thought of it as my time to “show off”. I never did look at fitness this way though. Now I was starting to and that made me proud.

I cannot believe how much progress I have made. I really feel that opening up about my father has changed my momentum in this competition. For me, the real challenge has been addressing my emotions. For a long time, I could not even talk about my father without breaking down—so I wouldn’t. I spoke to no one about it and hid it all. Sometimes it is easier to act like nothing bad ever happened right? Wrong! When you do that, the pain manifest in other ways. My pain and guilt manifested in a bad relationship with food which led to many insecurities in other aspects of my life. At the ranch, I have found comfort in my teammates. I have way more in common with Lisa and Jackson then I ever imagined. Perhaps opening up is not so bad. It really is setting me free. I am starting to feel like the weight that I have been carrying for 13 years now, is slowly being lifted.

I said I would rise to the occasion of any challenge right? I did not expect this one! After a very intense workout I am starving (as usual—because I will tell you this, the urges do not go away. You just learn to control them!) and we come home from the gym and all of our food is gone. This week’s twist is eating on a budget. I am not happy about this no food business! Every team is given a budget. We actually all did very well. Even though I was not happy about our food being taken away, I thought this was a very important message. You CAN eat healthy on a budget!

After last week’s challenge I was wondering what this week would bring. I was not happy about all that gum in my hair and was hoping this one kept me dry! Of course I immediately learned that we would be swimming. I was not happy–again! I am starting to think this biggest loser has it in for my hair! I am nervous because I am not much of a swimmer but I am also not used to losing! Red team would give blue and white run for their 2 lbs advantage (or phone call home). Danni ends up winning this challenge but we were neck and neck with her. I thought this was quite impressive since we had 40 coins to move vs her 10.

Going into elimination I am quite confident that this week we will keep everyone on the red team here. It’s a yellow line and I cannot imagine voting someone off. We have fantastic numbers and still lose the weigh-in. We ended up voting Lisa off and I cannot tell you how difficult this was. Lisa was the “Momma” of our team and probably one of the most self-motivated people I have met in my life. I know she will do well at home BUT it did not make it any easier.

Lisa went home with a 5lb loss. This sends a message to me. “Don’t forget that this is a weight loss show but also a game! You have to do whatever it takes to stay on this ranch as long as possible.” I lost 7lbs this week! First time in weeks I have a number in mind and actually get it! Wooohoooo! I am ready for week 6!

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