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The Biggest Loser Recap: All Good Things Must Come To An End

February 04, 2013 08:43 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser, Dolvett Quince’s team failed to produce on the scale, resulting in the elimination of Lisa Rambo. This week, the red team bounced back though, with one of them making biggest loser of the week. But that means something came to end tonight. Was it Bob Harper’s winning streak, or Jillian Michaels’ season on the show?

The Biggest Loser was left up to chance tonight. Yep, it was nothing but a few huge dice that would be determining which one contestant’s weight would be counted at the weigh in for each team. Nothing like a little added pressure, right? At least Jillian Michaels had an easy one and did not have to bother rolling her die. The worst part? That the contestants did not know who would be weighing in for their entire team until the actual weigh in.

And that pressure alone was enough to send Gina in a downward spiral. Hmm, is she turning into this season’s whiner? Her lack of confidence and whining about the added pressure was not going to fly with Bob Harper though, as he quickly (and sacastically) snapped her out of it. By this point, I was certain that Bob knew his winning streak was going to end, possibly sooner than he had hoped – he looked worried, and even confided in Gina that she was not the player on his team that he was worried about possibly pulling the team through.

Cue to a quick, yet dragged out update on Pam. She looks wonderful, don’t get me wrong (she has lost over 60 pounds), but something about her rubs me the wrong way. We also got an update on the kids as well, who were being rallied by the trainers into starting a club to pay it forward. Sunny started a fitness circuit at her school, while Biingo created an after school sports club. Lindsay decided that she would hold an anti-bullying pep rally, and Dolvett even hooked her up by sending over Cody Simpson to share his story of being bullied, and of course, sing a few notes for the school kids.

The challenge this week consisted of walking across a balance beam while trying not to get knocked over by flying beams, and then matching plates numbered with calorie counts to their appropriate meals. Only one player from each team competed, and when Jackson and Gina were chosen for their teams, I knew Danni would walk away a winner again. And she did, not surprisingly. Danni won letters from home, but the part of the challenge was watching both Gina and Jackson get knocked off the beam repeatedly.

Then it was time for their last chance workouts, and Jillian switched things up this week by taking Danni out of the gym and into some extreme sports complex, where we watched her jump off of a wall and into a pit full of foam blocks. Moral of the workout – to face her fears, and it worked. Meanwhile, Dolvett treated his team members to a visit and workout with Laila Ali. Um, yeah, needless to say the red team was shaking getting into the boxing ring, but Laila was only there to teach them some moves. Luckily for Laila (and all of us at home), Jackson managed to make it through without puking.

When it was time for the weigh in, the trainers rolled the dice to find out whose weight would count. For Bob Harper’s team it was Jeff, and for Dolvett Quince’s team it was Joe. Poor Danni was nervous as she knew she was up against two big guys. This is how the teams fared:

Bob Harper’s Blue Team:

Jeff from 329 to 323 (-6)*

Michael from 371 to 363 (-8)

David from 253 to 250 (-3)

Alex from 207 to 204 (-3)

Gina from 197 to 193 (-4)

Dolvett Quince’s Red Team:

Jackson from 280 to 279 (-1)

Francelina from 224 to 217 (-7)

Joe from 299 to 291 (-8)*

Total team loss of 31 lbs

Jillian Michaels’ White Team:

Danni from 213 to 207 (-6)*

As they say, all good things must come to an end, and tonight, it was Bob Harper’s time to say goodbye to one of his contestants. After a careful deliberation, the blue team decided that it was best to send David home, because they were certain he would do great at home. To date, David has lost over 80 pounds, looks and feels great, and is even inspiring his fellow police officers back home. We look forward to seeing David at the season finale!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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