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Dance Moms Recap: New Apples, Old Grudges

February 05, 2013 10:06 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Cathy is back to her scheming on tonight’s episode of Dance Moms and that can only mean one thing: more pressure on the poor girls who make up the Abby Lee Dance Company. Can they handle it or will they crack?

Cathy and her Candy Apples Dancers have been noticeably absent as of late. Did you miss her? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Unfortunately, Cathy’s scheming again about how she can yank that national title away from Abby Lee Miller and this time, she thinks she may have the solution: a group of guys! Judges at dance competitions are notoriously easier on male competitors, so, again, Cathy is relying on judging quirks as opposed to simply putting together a quality dance.

But let’s back up a sec. Last week was absolutely disastrous, what with the girls taking 4th place and all. Predictably, the pyramid reflects this unfortunate score in that there is no top spot. Abby says that it isn’t possible for anyone to be on the top of the pyramid if they’re in a dance that takes 4th place. Except, of course, that leaves the next row down as the top of the pyramid, so that concept doesn’t exactly work in practice. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Given their positions on top (oh right, in the middle) of the pyramid, it’s only natural that Chloe and Nia will have the solos of the week. But it’s not possible to just award a solo — Abby needs to make the process as insulting as possible. She tells Chloe to get her mom to stop instigating trouble among the other mothers. Chloe just nods, clearly aware that she’ll accomplish no such thing. The rest of the girls (except, again, a very unenthusiastic Brooke) are put in the group dance, which this week is called Pink Lemonade. And, horror of horrors, the dance involves props! More specifically, the dance includes hats that are used as props and are very likely to be dropped. Abby threatens that the first person to drop her hat will be cut from the team. Knowing this group’s track record with props, I’m not feeling particularly good about the girls’ prospects. The one thing going in their favor is that Mackenzie has been removed from the routine. She has a terrible track record with props and is probably the most likely of the girls to drop her hat.

Kendall is awarded a solo and Jill, in her determination to make sure that Kendall is noticed, takes Melissa’s place as the most annoying mom. She hires a costume designer in hopes that a fab costume will make up for a not-so-fab dance. And she volunteers to take care of Abby’s dog, Broadway Baby. Dog duty meas heavy use of the pooper scooper, so you know this is some heavy sucking up going on right now. The moms aren’t too surprised to hear about the doggie daycare, but they are taken aback at the news of Jill’s costume designer. Melissa warns Jill that having a costume created without Abby’s approval could result in negative consequences for Kendall. And Melissa’s right — when Abby tells Jill that she’d like to have Kendall in green, Jill explains that she’s already having a costume made. Abby tells her that she hates it when people go behind her back. How did Jill not see this coming?

Quick check-in on the Candy Apples: Cathy has hired an outside choreographer, cause we all know that her own subpar choreography is not going to cut it if she hopes to beat the ALDC. I will say that she has a better shot at beating Abby’s girls now that she’s taken Vivi-Ann out of the mix. And new boy Jalen seems particularly adept at the hip hop contemporary group dance. Who knows? After last week’s 4th place disaster, Cathy just might have a shot!

And, back in Pennsylvania…Jill’s still having costume issues. She’s hoping Abby won’t take it out on Kendall, but that’s probably too much to ask for. And as Jill comes to realize it, she decides to pull a second walk-out, asking the moms to join her. But Jill is not Kelly and the moms aren’t willing to drop everything for a notorious studio hopper. Jill eventually realizes this and decides to beg for her daughter’s solo back. Amazingly, this works, so Jill and Kendall join everyone else on the bus.

The team arrives at the competition and promptly runs into Cathy. Abby’s not too surprised about the all-boy approach, recognizing that there’s no other way Cathy could hope to beat her. Cathy’s looking pretty pleased with herself and I sure hope Abby’s girls can wipe that smug smile off her face.

Nia, Kendall and Chloe all look great during their solos, but Abby doesn’t think all three lived up to their potential. Then again, she’s almost never pleased with any solo that does not belong to Maddie or Sophia, so this negative response really isn’t a surprise. But as it turns out, Abby had a reason to be unhappy — of the three girls in the junior division, only Kendall places. And she gets 3rd and as we all know, 3rd place is not good enough for Abby Lee Miller. Abby reprimands the girls and demands that they step it up for the group dance.

Cathy’s boys perform first, and I have to admit — they look pretty good. Only took a whole new team and an outside choreographer to achieve that! The ALDC looks great too — until Chloe DROPS HER HAT. If she wasn’t already in trouble for not placing, she sure is now for the hat gaffe. Predictably, Abby’s pissed and Christi decides she’s not going to deal with it anymore. She and Chloe get in a taxi and head home — but if I know anything about Dance Moms, we haven’t seen the last of this mother-daughter duo.


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4 Responses to “Dance Moms Recap: New Apples, Old Grudges”

  1. Mary Says:
    February 6th, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Will someone please call child protective services. I have watched my last episode of Dance moms.

    We watch these Mothers (if they deserve the title) permit and encourage their children being emotionally abused week after week, and we call it entertainment. Then we watch the same stupidity with assaults at shows end. Tossing water, my God. Cathy did respond to this ignorance but should have called the cops instead.

    Is it any wonder our children think it is ok to bully and abuse one another in the school yard. At least from what I see Cathy would be my choice to teach decency along with her dance, even without national title.

  2. Anita Says:
    February 7th, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Where are all the professional teachers demanding that this abuse stop? Indeed the mothers should be shamed into removing their children from this show. Surely 15 minutes of fame isn’t worth a lifetime of damage that this so called Teacher and Lifetime Tv are causing children who crave the approval of Abby and their parents.

  3. cc Says:
    February 8th, 2013 at 7:21 am

    This show is the same every week. Abby abuses the kids, the moms scream and threaten to leave, but we all know by now that NONE of these moms are walking. Abby is their meal ticket and their 15 minutes of fame. Does anyone actually think in 20 years we are going to know who any of these kids are? No way. These moms are nothing but a bunch of alcoholics, and Holly, who knows better, should be ashamed of herself for allowing her daughter to be exploited. Go back to work Dr. Holly and give your daughter a role model.

  4. carla Says:
    February 12th, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    I cant stand Cathy from candy apple , just looking at that dried out apple face woman makes my skin crawl. I usually dont watch when prune face is on. She is soo jealous of Abby . As well as Abby’s dancers. I think those girls are amazing. I may not agree with Abby’s way of teaching, but it seems to work. Please get Cathy off the show permenantly, she is such a waste, just leave her home to dry out.


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