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Teen Mom 2 Recap: A Means To An End

February 05, 2013 05:49 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, the moms were in for a lot of changes and mixed emotions. How did Jeremy react to Leah being pregnant? Is Andrew Jace’s father? Did Chelsea pass her GED tests? And are things starting to heat up between Kailyn and Javi? Take the jump to find out!


Leah told Jeremy she was pregnant and asked him if he was really ready for it. He said yes and that he was excited but admitted the idea of having a baby still hadn’t sunk in yet.

After Jeremy left to go back out on the road, Leah called her mom to come over. She told her that she’d taken her IUD out and that she and Jeremy were having a baby. Her mom was shocked and asked her if she was sure this was the best thing. Her mom told her that she and Jeremy were moving fast and she just wanted her to be happy.

Later she met up with Kayla and told her she was pregnant. They talked about Leah telling Corey the news and Leah wasn’t sure what his reaction would be. He doesn’t even know she’s engaged much less pregnant.

Jeremy had to stay on the road over the weekend and Corey had the girls so Leah decided to ask him to drop the girls off at her house instead of their usual drop off place so they could talk. When Corey got there, they all went inside. She told him she was engaged to Jeremy. Corey tried to play it off saying cool and congrats but things got awkward when Leah asked him how he felt about it.

He told her he was happy for her and then asked if that was all she had to tell him. She said yeah and then he asked her if the rumors about her being pregnant were true. Leah sat in the floor messing with the girl’s drawing tablet and kind of avoided the question by saying maybe. Corey told her to say yes or no or to draw a Y or an N. Leah drew a Y on the tablet.

Corey congratulated her and then asked if it was weird being married, having two babies, getting divorced, and now being engaged and pregnant again. She said she wanted a family. Corey couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer and started to cry. Shortly after, he got up, told the girls goodbye, and left.

The next day she talked to Kayla about telling Corey and how his reaction to the news had confused her. She said she still loved Corey and always would but that she wasn’t leaving Jeremy.

Later, Leah was still feeling confused about being pregnant with Jeremy’s baby and still having feelings for Corey. She called Jeremy out on the road and asked him if he was sure he still wanted the baby. He said yes.

Meanwhile, at Corey’s dad’s house, Corey looked whipped and his dad can tell something was bothering him so he asks him what was on his mind. Corey told him about Leah being engaged and pregnant. His dad couldn’t believe it and said that pretty much shut the door to the possibility of Corey and Leah ever getting back together. Corey agreed and said it was pretty weird. He thought they might get back together at some point, but not now. His dad told him his feelings were normal and that an ex moving on was a pretty big deal.

Later, Leah met up with Corey to drop the girls off and she was afraid to tell him how she was feeling. They talked about the other night being awkward. Corey told her felt stupid for letting go of a three-year relationship and that he was shocked and hurt but he would be supportive of her.

He told her he understood why she did it. “I come home to nothing every day,” he said. Then told her she had found the best thing and went for it. He said he was happy for her and hoped she was happy but said “it sucks that I’ll have this moment in my mind forever.”

Leah was still confused and said very little. She just listened to Corey. Then he took the girls and drove off as she sat in the parking lot watching them drive away.


Jenelle wished that she didn’t have to deal with Andrew but she wanted to find out who Jace’s father was. She talked to Andrew about having a DNA test and he agreed as long as she and Jace would video chat with him first. She said okay.

The next day, Jenelle and Jace video chatted with Andrew. He said he didn’t think he was Jace’s father and if he wasn’t, he was going to take his name off the birth certificate and child support because he wasn’t paying support for a child that wasn’t his.

The day of the DNA test finally arrived. Jenelle, Jace, and Barbara went to the lab. Meanwhile, Andrew went to a lab in Florida.

The next day, Jenelle talked to Allison about the DNA test and said she would have the results the following day. Allison said she was surprised Andrew agreed to the test. Jenelle agreed and said she didn’t think he would go. She said she couldn’t understand how someone could have a child and then not care about them.

The following day, Jenelle, Jace, and Barbara went back to the lab to hear the results of the paternity test. Andrew is the father! Jenelle was shocked and feared Jace would turn out as screwed up as Andrew. Barbara was shocked and disappointed. She said it was terrible news and she could cry.

Later, Jenelle video chatted with Andrew and told him he was 99.9% positively Jace’s father. Andrew was overwhelmed but seemed happy and excited. He assured Jenelle that he was going to 100% be a part of Jace’s life. Jenelle asked him what his plans were. He said he wanted to come and see Jace but he wanted to get himself straightened out first, but would like to video chat with him in the meantime.

Jenelle said she wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew didn’t come around and sure enough a week passed without any word from Andrew. Barbara asked Jenelle what she thought of Andrew being the father. She said she only wanted him to see Jace under supervised visitation and that she didn’t think Andrews reaction to the news was sincere. She said she also didn’t expect him to pay child support. But Barbara said he’d pay or go to jail.

Barbara told Jenelle she knew she’d had a tough year but that she was proud of her for growing up and getting more responsible. Jenelle said she wanted to continue to go to school, start her career, and get Jace back.


Chelsea had been waiting on her GED test scores. In the meantime, she made preparations for beauty school by finding a daycare for Aubree. She had a hard time thinking of leaving Aubree with someone else because she had always just been with her. But Aubree adjusted well and played with the kids at daycare.

Later, while Adam and his family had Aubree, Chelsea went to the beauty school and took the entrance exam. She had to score at least an 80 to be accepted and she scored a 91. The beauty school told her she had what it took and was fully accepted pending her GED test scores.

Chelsea met up with Landon to tell him and Erika the good news and to get her hair done. Her phone rang and it was Adam. When she answered, Aubree was on the line but after they hung up, Chelsea was a little bummed because Adam didn’t talk to her.

Later, her dad, Randy came over and they talked about waiting on the GED test scores, going to beauty school, and putting Aubree in daycare. Randy said he was proud of her. She said she had to drop the weight she had been carrying around in order to get things done. “I want to open a salon and live happily ever after, single,” she said.

Finally, Chelsea received her GED test scores. She went to her dad’s house to read the results with him. She told Aubree to open the envelope. Chelsea passed both tests, science and math and could start beauty school.

Later, she went out to eat with her family and friends to celebrate.


Kailyn was happy in her new home. She was looking forward to Isaac’s second birthday and had been spending more time with Javi. He asked her if she could see their relationship moving beyond friendship and she said she’d let him know.

Meanwhile, Jo and Vee talked about Isaac’s birthday party and the prospect of her meeting Kailyn. Vee deiced to write Kailyn a letter.

When Jo took Isaac home, he gave Kailyn the letter. She read the letter but didn’t know how to react. She said she wasn’t comfortable and wasn’t ready to meet her yet. They started to argue over Vee and Kailyn told him she didn’t hate Vee but that she didn’t owe her or him anything. Then she told Jo to shut up, that she couldn’t stand him, and to leave. Jo kissed Isaac goodbye and left.

Later, Jo and Vee talk about the letter and Jo told her what happened. Vee said she tried but she wasn’t going to kiss somebody’s *ss.

Meanwhile, at Kailyn’s house, she talked to Toni about the point of the letter. She said she wasn’t ready for Vee to be involved and that she wasn’t at a place to deal with her without issues. Toni said it felt deeper than that to her. Kailyn admitted that by not meeting Vee, she could stay in denial that Jo had moved on and they were never getting back together.

Later, Kailyn felt bad about her reaction to the letter. She invited Jo to Isaac’s birthday party at her house and hoped it wouldn’t be awkward between him and Javi. Jo said he didn’t know if he was coming or not. On the day of the party, Kailyn called Jo but he didn’t answer.

Isaac opened his presents and blew out the candles. Kailyn got upset and started crying. She was sad because Isaac was growing up so fast and her and Jo hadn’t figured out how to get along for his sake.

Then Jo showed up. He met Javi. They shook hands and Jo said it was nice to meet him but then there was awkward silence. An hour later, everybody left. Javi took Isaac’s toys upstairs while Kailyn and Toni talked. She said by Isaac’s next birthday, she wanted to be getting along better with Jo.

Later, Jo gave Isaac a birthday party at his house and then brought Isaac home. He and Kailyn talked about the party and Kailyn asked if Vee was there. Jo said she was. Kailyn said she didn’t want Vee thinking she was number one with Isaac or trying to be a mother figure to him. Jo said, “No, you’re the only mother he has…she’s not trying to be his mother.”

Kailyn and Jo continued to talk. He asked about Javi and then Kailyn told him she was afraid Isaac would want to live with him when he got older because his family was bigger. Jo said he wasn’t looking that far ahead. Then Isaac pooped his pants and they played rock, paper, scissors to see who would change him. Kailyn lost.

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One Response to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: A Means To An End”

  1. Diana Says:
    February 6th, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    On tonight’s episode:
    Leah – she’s ridiculous. She needs help – the “I just want a family” bit is immature. I took out my IUD…hello?! She just started dating the guy. Her problem is that she is in such a hurry for something that happens on the inside (be happy with yourself instead of trying to fill it with stuff or in her case kids from different baby daddies).
    Katlyn – She just wants her cake and wants to eat it too. It was okay when she dated Jordan and LIVED with him and now she’s dating Javi. BUT OH MY…not Joe. Oh, Joe cannot move on because she has a problem with it. I don’t like Joe but I can say that at least he accepts her partner of the month as she brings them along and makes the effort to at least meet them. Get a life Katlyn and grow up. Meeting Vee or any other hoochie mama that Joe dates isn’t that big a deal.
    Janelle – finally you are trying to get your life together girlie. And don’t sweat that Andrew is the dad. At least now you know and at least Jace now knows. One bit of advise though…in the last episode, your friends did a puppet show about your ex-friend for Jace. VERY INAPPROPRIATE and the language they used was even worse. Just remember his age and that there are things he should not be subjected to – like adult issues.
    Chelsea – I love how we celebrate mediocracy but at least you finally passed your GED. Maybe you can finally stop mooching off your parents. BTW, in your last episode you emphasized how you “are a big girl now”…honey, you are not a big girl when you ask daddy to co-sign for you. I would humbly say thank you dad…AGAIN.
    This season is really tough to watch. I realize they are only 20 but OMG…are 20 year olds really this immature. I guess so.


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