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The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Six

February 05, 2013 01:32 PM by Christine McDow

Gina McDonald, from The Biggest Loser, just can’t seem to keep herself out of the drama on the ranch and this week brought a lot of drama. Of course Gina was the center of it. Gina McDonald is blogging exclusively for SheKnows.com and we have a preview! Keep reading to see part of what she has to say, then follow the link to read her whole blog.

Gina McDonald did not want the dice to land on her. She did not want the hope of her team to be resting on her shoulders, and since her weight loss had been very erratic this is probably pretty smart idea. The week included a confrontation with Bob Harper where he wanted her to believe in herself, and she just said no way.

Gina McDonald finally let Bob get through to her and some progress was made. How did Gina feel like she did after it was all said and done? Read her exclusive blog on SheKnows.com to see what she has to say!

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