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The Biggest Loser Exclusive Blog With Francelina Morillo: Week Six

February 05, 2013 12:45 PM by Christine McDow

It’s week six at The Biggest Loser ranch and just when I begin to think that I am getting the hang of things there’s a twist. Alison tells us that this week only one members weight will be representative of the entire team. Wow, this is scary! There is a die with our pictures on it and at the weigh in, Dolvett will roll it and our team’s fate is literally in his hands. I am thinking, “Fiesta number 10 at the ranch”.

A fiesta is usually a good thing but not in my vocabulary. You see, if the die ends up on Joe we have a fairly good shot but Jackson’s numbers are too inconsistent due to his medical condition and mine are too average to be competitive enough. See what I mean? Fiesta! Jackson and I know for a fact that we need to guarantee one of us gets biggest loser this week or we might as well start packing our bags!

We arrive at the challenge and there is that damn die with all our crazy pictures on it (these were probably taken a few weeks back because boy do we look plump). Once again, it’s up to the roll of the die and only one member will be participating. This challenge involves a balance beam and I am hoping it is me. Of course, I roll and it ends up being Jackson NO! Jackson, Gina, and Danni compete for letters from home.

The challenge begins and I cannot stop laughing. These people are being knocked out one by one. Hands down, Gina is the funniest to watch because she is just so little and literally looks like a flying squirrel. I try to control my laughter but it is impossible! This is a disaster! I bet my fellow cast members are like, “OMG, is she laughing, for this long?” I literally laughed from beginning to end! Danni ends up winning and receives her letters and gifts from home.

All week long we have been worked out to such a high intensity that I truly did not think there was any way we could lose. Not only was Dolvett on us 24/7 but as a team we were putting in extra work. We are down to three and if we had to vote now, we would be devastated. The best workout this week was our last chance workout with Laila Ali. OMG OMG OMG! I still cannot believe I boxed with her. She is such an inspiration and gave me the confidence I needed for this weigh in.

At the weigh in “D” rolls the die and it lands on Joe. This was what I was hoping for. To my surprise, I actually lose the most weight on the team so my face would have been just fine. Jackson only lost a pound so we really did luck out. It still blows my mind how he only lost a pound. This kid puts in the work, I still do not get it! Blue loses the weigh in and David Jones ends up going home. Its hard to see him go but at the same time, the Red Team needed a break. We have been subjected to yellow lines twice already. I prefer red lines and no voting! Oh and by the way, how happy am I about getting biggest loser of the week? VERY! Two weeks in a row, 7 pounds lost. I am so ready for next week!

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