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The Biggest Loser’s David Jones Dishes On How His Life Has Changed

February 05, 2013 05:29 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper‘s blue team’s winning streak came to end, and we watched as sadly, the team said goodbye to police officer, David Jones. Today, David shared his thoughts about the show, and positive changes in his life now.

The Biggest Loser fans watched as David Jones bid farewell last night after the blue team’s winning streak finally came to end. But David is doing just fine at home now, and spoke to reporters today about his experience. Check out David’s interview below!

How his expectations differed from the reality of being on the ranch:
You know, at some point we were so concentrated on me just getting on the show and on the ranch, I forgot about how horrible the workouts looked on television. That was definitely my first big surprise.

The hardest part when he first got home:
The hardest part was getting my wheels underneath me so to speak – getting everyone in my house on board. Getting everyone to realize that my eating had to be different, and I that I would have to be away at the gym. Asking, no, telling my family that they all had to make sacrifices.

On the difference in his attitude and how he gets treated by his peers:
The comments and affirmation about my attitude, I am so much more approachable now. A lot more of my co-workers come to me for advice now than they used to because I was just not approachable before. The happiest part has been the comments about my attitude. Before the ranch, I got called eeyore on more than a few occasions, because I didn’t want anyone to get inside and ask me those questions that I didn’t want to answer. Today, everything gets approached with a positive attitude, even on the street. In critical conditions where things can go south if we let them, I had a reputation for that before. I approach everything differently now.

On the difference he sees in the mirror now:
A sideways glance…that is the way I always looked in the mirror and immediately turned away. Today, I spend a good amount of time making sure everything is polished. It’s pride in how I look. I also wear body armor so I look bigger in my uniform that I do. I had to get all new uniforms, all new body armor at work.

How David has time to fit in the workouts and how his eating habits have changed at home:
To be honest, I have actually taken a couple weeks off this month to focus on the task at hand. It’s tough, I had been on the night squad, and on the days where I would have to sleep and only had a few hours to get in before work, I wouldn’t get a good workout in. The days I had off, I would get 5 hours a day in working out. Calorically, I am staying around the 1400-1500 range. I have eliminated simple carbs from my diet. Complex carbs I will do, my fruits, and my vegetables. That’s the biggest change eating at home.

David on the physical changes he has noticed since being home:
My activity level…I find myself with tons of energy. To be able to do tons of things around the house that I used to dread. This might sound silly, but just getting up out of a chair to do something – I forgot how easy and pain free that used to be. The ability to just keep doing, keep going. I don’t want to sit and watch television all day anymore.

On whether or not it was already discussed that he would go home last night:
We had a conversation a few weeks back, and they had told me when my brace came off, I would be kicking some tail. I was keeping up with those guys every week on the scale. I knew that if we ever lost the weigh in before going to singles, that I would go. I told them that I was okay with that, since most of us are going home at some point. By then, emotionally I was in a lot better place than I was before.

His weight today:
My weight today – I want to let that be a surprise, but I am very close to reaching the 100 pound loss mark. I will be on The Today Show next week, and I am really hoping to be able to say that I have hit 100 pounds by then.

David Jones’ thoughts on Bob Harper coming down so tough on Gina:
Gina probably comes stronger everyday that someone is tough with her. Bob is doing exactly what he’s supposed to do. Gina needs that, she can be so strong, but like myself, she needs to have that motivation to do so.

His plans for retirement:
I anticipated putting a few more years in. It’s still up in the air. We’ve been doing a lot of praying and talking about it. On my pension, we could do it, but I still love my job.

What is in David’s future:
My big plans at this point are to…You know, I have been approached by several organizations that I had not anticipated would reach out to tell my story. It has opened so many doors for me. Motivational speaking and telling my story – that’s what I am going be spending a lot of time doing.

David Jones also revealed that Dr. H has not cleared him to run yet, but on a positive note, he is no longer on blood pressure medication, nor has he used his rescue inhaler since the second week on the ranch!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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