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Face Off 4 Recap: Bearded Ladies & Candy Creatures

February 06, 2013 11:11 AM by Ryan Haidet

Only Face Off could mix bearded ladies and candy to create an amazingly entertaining hour of television.  Based on the previews alone, this challenge is the one I have been most excited about because of the short, teasing glimpses at some of the finished products — especially the crazy creature with the sharp-toothed chewing stomach (check it out above!).  Don’t lie, that’s the one you’ve been looking forward to since it was teased in the preview at the end of season three’s Halloween finale.  While the final makeups resulted in some really stunning creativity and outstanding work, it also proved a bit disastrous for a few of the contestants.  It even put one contestant in a really sticky situation when his gooey, melted gummy guy got stuck to the floor during the makeup application process.  On top of all that, another contestant packed up their makeup kit as the fourth person booted from the show.  Who was it?  All the details are inside this article!  Plus, we have 38 more sweet pictures from this episode alone of all the candy creations that you might actually get a cavity just glimpsing at them!

The oft-missing Foundation Challenge made its return in this episode (the first we’ve had since the premiere a few weeks back) had the 11 remaining contestants taking female models and turning them into a bearded lady from the circus.  Each working individually, the aspiring special effects makeup artists were battling it out for Immunity.

Eric F. was worried about the task because he admitted he’s not very good at working with hair — even saying he can barely keep his own under control.  At the end of the task, the judge for the bearded ladies challenge chose Eric Z. as the winner, which gave him complete safety from elimination in the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.  That also marked the first time Anthony, who had won every challenge so far this season, wasn’t ranked as the best.

Crazy Candy Creations

For the Spotlight Challenge, the contestants were tasked with individually creating an original candy creature, incorporating sugary treats into their design.  It’s such a simple idea, but such an awesome one, too.  This is why I love Face Off!  Admit it, you loved this one, too!

House, the brain behind the heavily promoted stomach-chomping candy creature, felt really confident in his creation early on.  But that wasn’t the case for everybody else.  Jenna was still struggling with the pain in her hand, while Eric F. found himself in a sticky predicament when his male model got stuck to the floor.  The makeup he applied was so sticky that the model couldn’t up off the floor.  No worries, he managed to get him up.  Then there was Alex who was worried about her creation not being as wild as some of the others.

Finished Makeups

Here’s how the finished candy creatures came out:


The following makeups were ranked in the middle of the bunch and deemed immediately safe without any open critiques from the judges.

Eric Z. He based his concept on the tale of Hansel & Gretel.  As much as I think this is a great makeup, I don’t think it hit the mark of the candy concept. 


Anthony His creation was a playful, cartoony character he dubbed “Colonel Candy.”  It was sleek, sharp and neat-o.

Wayne To echo the comments I made about Eric Z.’s finished makeup, this one, too, doesn’t have the candy vibe to it whatsoever.  It looks more like the monster from “Jeepers Creepers.”  Don’t get me wrong, the makeup is outstanding!  It just doesn’t meet the standards of the candy concept.


Eric F. This was so damn sweet — no sugary candy pun intended.  Really, this was absolutely astonishing work.  It was wild seeing the model portray the lazily lumped gooey creature on the stage lapping its tortured tongue in and out of its disturbingly gaping mouth.  I’m actually really surprised this one wasn’t ranked in the top looks.  It was just so cool and wildly creative.  I’m bummed it wasn’t given more recognition.  I think the judges messed up on this one not being included in the top looks.  There has never been anything like it on any of the previous seasons.  Nothing.


Kris “I love his candy-corn fingernails and his lovely candy-corn teeth, which are very disturbing,” judge Ve Neill said.  Judge Neville Page also liked the creation — especially the licorice pieces used to define the chest muscles.  After their typical discussions, the judges ultimately chose his as the best overall makeup of the week and declared Kris the challenge winner for his uniquely successful integration of candy.

House When his wickedly cool creature walked out I actually rewound my DVR to check it out again.  As the model stood on stage, she bubbled out her belly and brought the snaggletoothed tummy to life.  “The mouth is a showstopper,” Neville said.  “This one is such a great concept, I just love it for that.”  If I were judging, this would have been my pick to win with Eric F.’s gooey glob guy ranking in second place.  Are you surprised this didn’t win?

Alam “I think you did a great job of integrating the candy,” Ve said.  Neville was impressed with the candied costume pieces.  This one was just OK for me.  It was definitely one of the better makeups because Alam totally nailed the candy integration.


Jenna Ve said the makeup did not include hardly any candy whatsoever.  Plus, the judges nailed it when they said the facial makeup looked too mask-like.

Autumn Her focus was to create a gummy bear gone bad.   It turned out just plain bad.  “You’re in trouble when my favorite part of your makeup is the wardrobe,” judge Glenn Hetrick said.  Ve thought it looked more like a cat than a bear.  Neville said there were too many obvious issues with the finished makeup.  Overall, this was my least favorite of the candy creatures.

Alex Sadly, this one wasn’t very good at all.  It just looked like a girl wearing candy bracelets with melty crud on her face.  The judges were extremely rough on her because the silicone appliances weren’t even sticking to the model’s face effectively.  “If you’re only going to show us one piece, it needs to be perfect — and this wasn’t, “Glenn said as she was sent packing.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups? Who is your favorite contestant so far? Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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