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Ghost Hunters Recap: Haunted Mansions, Old Frustrations

February 06, 2013 07:59 PM by Ryan Haidet

After last season’s disastrously embarrassing episodes of Ghost Hunters, season 9 has really impressed me.  The prime reason?  I honestly believe it’s the locations.  Each week I have found myself excited by the twisted tales of the lurid locations the TAPS team has set up shop to search for spirits.  From a home connected to the murder mystery involving the Black Dahlia to last week’s eerie investigation at a decrepit asylum, TAPS has really found some awesome new spots — including tonight as they made their way to Cortland, New York to search for proof of the paranormal at the 1890 House.  But the location was pretty much the only positive thing this episode had to offer as the TAPS team was back to their old, silly, exaggerative ways.  Frustrating, yes.

From gazing at the exterior of the 1890 House, it doesn’t look like a home you’d find in your neighborhood.  Instead, this joint is more like a mini castle.  As is typical, the paranormal claims at the 1890 House are the same old experiences including strange sounds like cue balls in a pool game, seeing shadows and doors with minds of their own.

As Jason and Steve teamed up at the start of the investigation, the duo claimed they heard something very quickly move to a different end of the attic.  As Steve tried to make sense of it, Jason talked him out of it and argued that it was something strange.  Ugh.  This is where I get frustrated with the show.  “We’re definitely getting readings,” Jason said as he held out a techy doohickey.

Meanwhile, KJ and Britt were investigating near the pool table when, the obvious sound of pool balls smashing together caught their attention.  Sorry, I just don’t buy this moment at all.  Britt didn’t react whatsoever and KJ’s response to the noise seemed so phony to me.  Sure, it’s possible that Britt didn’t hear it, but it was so strongly audible on television (enhanced in editing, I’m sure) that it took away any ounce of potential realism tied to the moment.  Anything this duo did from that point on was entirely unbelievable to me.  They even took the opportunity to promote the new TAPS app.  Ugh.

Adam and Tango journeyed to the basement to investigate, which was a really creepy location.  It was here that I had an eye-roll moment when Adam (who is the phoniest of the whole bunch when it comes to the investigations) suddenly shuddered saying his one leg became very hot.  Tango quickly touched both of Adam’s legs to gauge his body temperature and claimed he noticed a big difference.  Again, I just don’t buy it.  Thankfully, one good thing this duo did was debunk the claims of seeing passing shadows by perfectly recreating the claim.  In doing so, it does add to the concept that they don’t believe everything they hear is something paranormal.

Overall, this investigation was mostly a complete waste of time as there was too much focus on the chirping detectors.  For those of you who regularly read my coverage of Ghost Hunters, you know how much I loathe those damn squealing devices.  I don’t think they prove a friggin’ thing — nor will they ever.  Show me pictures, play me audible voices and get me video evidence.  Squawking toys just annoy me.

On To The Next…

After the first lackluster half of the episode, the TAPS team turned to the dilapidated Ashmore Estates in Coles County, Illinois.  Once again, this location, built in 1857, was perfectly creepy — where as many as 200 people died.  Images of the basement alone are enough to send chills down your spine.  Yes, it looks really really freaky, almost reminiscent of the eerie solitary confinement they once investigated at the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio.

The awesome part of this investigation came because of the woman who asked them to investigate.  Unlike most others who seek out the TAPS team, this woman believed the building isn’t haunted whatsoever and hopes they can prove her point by squashing all the ghostly legends.  Hilariously, Britt and KJ’s squealing detectors were silent the entire time.  Even more hilarious is that they both said the silence actually made them appreciate the location because they enjoy being able to debunk paranormal claims.  Funniest of all?  Britt said the silent detectors made him trust the equipment more.  I don’t trust the chirping tools at all.  Ever.

Their final conclusion regarding the Ashmore Estates?  The joint isn’t haunted.  I truly believe that the woman who called them to investigate actually set forth in their minds the perfect storyline: Not finding any concrete evidence at all.  Episode after episode, there has been some sort of strange activity taking place.  Why not use this woman as motivation to show that everything they do doesn’t spur spooky moments?  Crazy to say, but I believe this lack of evidence is possibly the most accurate portrayal of any TAPS investigation in Ghost Hunters’ history.  Well, except for the goofy moment when Adam said he was poked in the shoulder by an unexplained force.  Hell, even Jason and Steve weren’t convinced by Adam’s moment because there was nothing else (like an audio clip) to prove that the poke came from something paranormal.

Strangely, the second investigation was a breath of fresh air.

What did you think of this episode? Did any of the evidence impress you? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any strange experiences with paranormal activity? Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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3 Responses to “Ghost Hunters Recap: Haunted Mansions, Old Frustrations”

  1. Brad Says:
    July 22nd, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    You are an idiot if u dont think Ashmore Estates is haunted. GH only investigates for 6-8 hours, that is literally HALF of a full investigation. You cant spend a few hours in a place and say its not haunted. That episode only showed the pure laziness that GH provides. Go there for a weekend and try saying its not haunted. I live less than 2 hrs away from it and I assure you that it has spirit activity. Ive been places where nothing happened but on a second trip caught 3 clear EVP’s. A haunted place is almost never active on a daily basis. It requires energy by spirits to communicate so it can take months for a spirit to regenerate enough energy to communicate again. It takes good timing to get evidence of even the most haunted places in the world. Most of the time, the places are quiet.

  2. Qwerty Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Then y not tell them that.

  3. Qwerty Says:
    August 17th, 2013 at 10:18 am

    If u r a paranormal investagator I have something that may peek your interests and/or curiosity. I have at least
    12 1/2 pages plus of places around the globe that I know you’ll want to get info about. I gaurantee you that the place I’ve looked up you’ll need permission, haven’t been to, or been to, or even haven’t had the chance to go back. I know for a fact that you’ll be surprised on how many place I’ve found on a iPad. If you need places to go to let me know here in this forum and we will figure out a way on how I can give you the copies of the places


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