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Bobby Brown Talks About His New Reality TV Show For BET

February 08, 2013 04:30 PM by Veronica Dudo

Bobby Brown recently starred in Bravo’s reality TV show Being Bobby Brown but now he tells She Knows Reality TV Magazine he’s filming a brand new reality series with his family for BET. The 43 year old continues to perform and in 2012 released an album, The Masterpiece. Did you know the Grammy Award winner loves to cook? Keep reading for all the details!

Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
My musical influences were people like Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson, James Brown; I got a lot from Prince. I know he came around the same time that I did but at the same time Prince is one of the most prolific writers and performers that I have ever seen in my life so I try to take a little bit of James, Michael, Prince and Donny and mix them up in one and that’s how you get Bobby Brown.

In 2012 you released your album, The Masterpiece and it had been a couple of years since you released a new album what was that process like for you?
Releasing The Masterpiece was just music that I had on my brain and that I had done years and years of just being off and I felt it was time to release something. After the loss of my mom and dad and my ex wife I felt it was time for me to get back into the game of music. The album is basically about my life–what I’ve gone through in my life and what I hope to do in my life in the future which is coming true as of today. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this thirteenth year of two thousand I’m just really looking forward to just performing and doing big things with other people.

What was it like to tape the reality series, Being Bobby Brown and have cameras around all of the time?
Reality is reality. I’d rather people see me like I am on my terms instead of always hearing things that the press wants to say or just the bad things that come up in life. I’d rather people see me as who I am and reality TV helps me do that.

Are you filming any upcoming TV shows?
We’re filming my new show with me, my wife, my kids and my family. We’re shooting the show for BET right now and hopefully people will watch. Looking forward to getting it to the people!

What else are you working on besides music?
There’s a lot I’m doing with food. I’m a chef so I’m developing products to put out there for people who like to eat, people who like to cook, and people who like to stay health conscious. I’m just looking forward to getting my products out there.

Have you always enjoyed cooking?
I learned how to cook from my mom because I use to always be on punishment so I had to stay in the house. Punishment is not punishment anymore, take the iPod away these days or your iPhone away but I had to just stay in the house. I would just stay in the kitchen with my mom and watch her cook and I got a knack for it and I just love to cook–it relaxes me.

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