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Project Runway Recap: Surprise Designs For Heidi’s Surprise Fragrance Launch

February 08, 2013 05:26 AM by Donna W. Martin

This week’s episode of Project Runway was all about Heidi Klum. The fourteen remaining designers were challenged to create garments that Heidi would wear during the launch of her new fragrance, “Surprise.” Whose design hit the mark? And whose crashed and burned? Take the jump to find out.

The designers met Tim in the workroom to hear this week’s challenge and were surprised to see pink boxes with black bows at each workstation. Tim explained they had a very important client with strong opinions about what she liked to wear. Then in walked Heidi. She and Tim told the designers they would remain on the same teams this week and they would be creating garments that Heidi would wear during the worldwide launch of her new fragrance, “Surprise.”

Heidi explained there would be two winners this week, one garment would be worn during her television commercial and print ads and one garment would be worn at the press events. Each team would be responsible for creating four garment options for television and print ads and two options for the press events.

So what were the pink boxes all about? They contained all the things that inspired Heidi such as her book and a bottle of her new fragrance. She also had a storyboard prepared for the designers and asked that they stay within the colors of the perfume, which were pink, black, and gold. She let the designers know this would be a tough challenge. “I’m a little picky,” she said. “I like sexy but not slutty” and “I want to see both the hard and soft side in the garments.”

The designers had 30 minutes to consult with their team members and sketch their designs. Team Dream Team only had six designers left so they each chose a garment to work on but Team Keeping It Real had eight, so they had to team up.

Then they were off to Mood. Each team had a budget of $1200 and 30 minutes to shop.

Back in the workroom Joseph and Amanda were still going back and forth over their garment and continued to tweak their sketch. Joseph wanted something more Avant Guard and Amanda wanted something that was black, sexy, and more fitted. Since they’re opposites, they had a hard time marrying their ideas. Eventually, they decided on a low-cut black dress with a latticework inset.

Later, Tim came to check in and critique their work in progress. Kate and Layana had teamed up but Layana was worried about the way their dress was taking shape. She was unsure about using pink with black. She had immunity so Kate won out and kept going with her idea.

After Tim left, the designers had three more hours to work before they had to call it a night. Suddenly, Daniel realized he had forgotten to purchase a contrasting fabric for his gown but Patricia came to the rescue and let him have some black leather.

Then the models come in for their initial fittings. It was obvious the designers still had tons of work to do.

Benjamin had a hard time focusing on his garment and felt self-doubt because he was distracted by the personal hardships of a past abusive relationship.

Kate and Layana were working better together but Patricia was running behind because she had chosen to create her own textile. Like it or not, time was up for the night.

The next day, all the designers were stressing as they tried to complete their looks. The models came in and after hair and makeup, they got dressed.

Benjamin was having major tension problems and was still sewing his garment with only 10 minutes left before it was time to hit the runway. Time ran out and he was left with an incomplete bodice.

Tim took everyone down to the runway. During last looks, Benjamin and his team members rushed to wrap leather strips around his model.

Then it was show time! Heidi said she was excited to see what they had come up with. Team Keeping It Real was first to walk followed by Team Dream Team.

Team Keeping It Real was the winning team, again, which meant Team Dream Team were three time losers.

Team Dream Team was first to be critiqued. Heidi said Matthew, Cindy, and Benjamin had the lowest scores and one of them would be leaving the competition.

Matthew’s garment was one of the press event options and said he was inspired by bondage. Zac said he couldn’t see how this dress “relates to bondage…the strap at the neck looks trashy, not sexy.” Heidi said she wanted the designers to find a way to give her hard and soft but this was more like “where’s my whip?” Nina agreed saying it looked like something a “dominatrix” would wear and he went “overboard with the sexual theme.” And guest judge Kristin Davis said she would “die” if someone asked her to wear that dress.

Cindy’s garment was one of the commercial options and said she wanted to go a bit sexy. Heidi said the slit in the front didn’t make the dress look sexy, “it needs to hug the body in a sensual way.” Zac said the fabric she chose was one of the “hardest to photograph.” And Nina said the “iridescence made fabric look cheap.”

Benjamin’s garment was also one of the commercial options. Kristin said she loved the color but the “breast part was very upsetting.” Zac agreed saying the dress gave the model “mushy boobs.” Nina added, “It’s probably the worst construction I’ve seen. She looks like she rolled around on the ground. It looks like a shipwreck.” Heidi agreed saying, “Mayday, mayday…we have a problem.”

Team Keeping It Real was next to be critiqued. Heidi told Stanley and Richard that the judges didn’t like their designs but their teammates had saved them. The three high scoring designs went to Patricia, Kate and Layana, and Daniel.

Patricia’s garment was one of the press event options. Nina said she ‘really liked” this look. Zac said he enjoyed the fact that she was making a “signature out of her fabric technique.” Heidi agreed saying, “Your pieces look like something we’ve never seen before.” And Kristin said she loved “the artistry” and was very “impressed.”

Kate and Layana’s garment was one of the commercial options. Heidi said she could feel the softness and the hardness as well as all the technique they used to design the dress. “It looks great all the way around,” she said. Zac said he liked the “drape on top” and the “dimension and shadow.” Nina said the dress had “beautiful movement” on the runway. And Kristin said she loved the “pink underneath…gorgeous.”

Daniel’s garment was also one of the commercial options. Heidi said it was a “very good looking dress” and that the “lines were simple but very interesting…sophisticated and beautiful.” Kristin said the dress “followed the line of the model’s body” and that was very important. Nina said the dress was “beautifully constructed.” And Zac said he was “very impressed” with how he treated the leather.

The designers were dismissed from the runway so the judges could have final deliberations and then called back in for their decision.

Heidi declared Kate one of the winners of the challenge. Her garment would be worn during the television and print ads.

She said Layana was safe and could also leave the runway. Then she said Daniel had the other winning garment. Even though his garment was intended to be one of the commercial options, Heidi said she would wear it during the press events.

Patricia and Matthew were also safe and left the runway. Then it was down to Cindy and Benjamin. Heidi told Cindy she was out and Benjamin was in and could leave the runway.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Which design was your favorite? Was Cindy’s design the worst? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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