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Does Nelson Mandela Watch Toddlers & Tiaras?

February 10, 2013 10:00 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Those pageant princesses….they’ll snag the most unsuspecting intellectual into their clutches at the worst times. Just look at Joe Biden and his love affair with Honey Boo Boo. Now, the granddaughters of Nobel winner Nelson Mandela are claiming that the activist enjoys watching Toddlers & Tiaras. How scandalous!


If asked to list public figures who spend their free time watching little tykes get dolled up in excessive makeup and frilly dresses, we could name a whole lot of today’s biggest stars. But Nelson Mandela? Yeah, he wouldn’t have topped our list. But the former South African president’s granddaughters say that he’s a huge fan of the show.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, granddaughters Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway and Swati Dlamini talked about their family’s experience with reality television, a significant part of their life now that they’re about to star in a show called Being Mandela. When asked if their grandfather has prepared for the reality sphere by watching any other shows, Swati confessed, “You’ll be interested to know that he loves Toddlers & Tiaras.” Zaziwe added, “Because of the kids! He just loves children!”

Of course, this could all be hearsay, because another one of Nelson Mandela’s grandchildren says he’s never heard about this penchant for reality TV. Ndileka Mandela told the AP, “know he watches National Geographic and news channels, but I don’t know if he watches Toddlers & Tiaras.

Well, we won’t know for sure until Nelson Mandela reveals his secret TV-watching habits in a future interview…or a future episode of Being Mandela!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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