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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Better Check It

February 10, 2013 07:12 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all new tonight on Bravo.  Porsha is busy planning her husband’s big birthday party, so she isn’t focusing on Cynthia’s pageant.  Plus, Kenya receives some big news regarding her health.

It’s a fashion show in Porsha’s house as she tries on numerous dresses for her mom and sister.  Kordell is turning 40 and she wants her man to be happy with her dress choice. “Kordell loves to dress me, I’m his Barbie doll,” she giggles to the cameras.  Now that the dress is picked out, Porsha need the perfect venue. A party planner shows Porsha around a mansion that will be the perfect spot for the lavish affair.

Phaedra stops by Kandi’s house to chat about “Kenya’s fashion faux pas!” Who can forget Kenya sporting butt pads on a bare butt at a charity function?  As Kandi is mixing some sweet tea, Phaedra tells her how she thinks Kenya is just obsessed with her.  “She just wants to be donkey-licious, but she just has a home depot booty,” Phaedra tells her friend.  Kandi doesn’t buy that Phaedra isn’t rattled by Kenya’s actions. 

On a serious note, Kenya is visiting her doctor’s office for a biopsy. Kenya’s recent mammogram showed two lumps that the doctor needs to check out. Obviously, Kenya is very nervous about the procedure and even more worried about the possibility of having cancer.

An annoyed Cynthia is awaiting Porsha’s arrival at the Bailey Agency to talk about the beauty pageant.  Apparently the meeting was supposed to happen at Porsha’s house, but Porsha didn’t want “strangers in the house.”  As soon as Porsha walks in the door, Cynthia punks her out about cancelling the meeting at her home.  A flustered Porsha blames the cancellation on her hsuband being out of town.  Then right in the middle of the meeting, Porsha excuses herself to take an important phone call. 

The call is from a new cleaning crew at her house, so she has to direct them where to clean.  At this point, Cynthia can’t be anymore annoyed. 

The next day, Kordell and Porsha are shooting hoops in the backyard.  Porsha is bitching to Kordell about how rude Cynthia’s employees were being to her.  “You need to check it,” Kordell demands of his woman.  So the next day, the two girls meet for a drink and to discuss the pageant.  But before Porsha can even spit out her words, Cynthia checks her! Yes, Cynthia gives her the boot from the pageant.  Cynthia doesn’t want to mix business with her friendship with Porsha.  Basically, don’t mess with Cynthia’s business! Porsha takes the news pretty well, but she is scared to tell her hubby that she didn’t “check it” very well. 

A new man and a new house have kept Kandi out of the studio, but now she ready to focus on her music.  But she freaks her employees out when she declares she wants to do a gospel record. Kandi feels that she has been blessed this past year and now she is ready to be “prayed up!” So Kandi steps into the booth and proves her friends that she can sing anything as she belts out a gospel song!

It’s the night of Kordell’s big 40th birthday bash.  Even though Cynthia and Porsha aren’t on the best terms, Cynthia drags Peter to the party.  “I’m still pretty per-terd (yes, she pronounced it like terd) with Cynthia,” Porsha admits to the cameras.  Then Kordell makes a big deal about Porsha and Cynthia’s little fight and demands they make up.  The girls decide to put the past behind them and to keep business and friendship separate.

It’s the day that Kenya gets the results of her biopsy, so she has brought her aunt for moral support.  The doctor drags the appointment out for what seems like an eternity until she finally gives Kenya the good news – a benign tumor. 

What did you think of tonight’s RHOA episode? It was rather boring don’t you think? Let us know, leave a comment below.

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