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The Bachelor Recap: Don’t Take My Sparkle!

February 11, 2013 08:08 PM by Candace Young

Last week, Sean Lowe earned some negative feedback on The Bachelor when he sent home sweet Sarah Herron, Jackie & Robyn, and even Daniella, who hardly had a chance to spend time with him. Find out why the other girls are ready for the demise of Tierra LiCausi,  which of them will tell Sean ‘the truth’ about her tonight, and who will ultimately pay the price…

Tonight kicks off with Sean and the gang in a seaplane – not a helicopter – heading to St. Croix. The girls check into a big pink resort. Drama alert! While the girls chat on the patio, Tierra sets up a cot in a separate room because she doesn’t like girls that like her boyfriend. True story.

AshLee will get the first tropical date, prompting Tierra to call her a cougar. Sean shows up in a peachy orange shirt that does nothing for his skin tone. Luckily he doffs it as soon as they reach the water and swim to a boat. Wet Sean and AshLee scenes ensue.

It’s open season on Tierra back at the resort. The girls hope AshLee will rat to Sean.

Back on the beach, AshLee does just that – she tells Sean exactly how Tierra behaves and that he’s getting a different girl than they get in the house. He seems to be grateful and appreciates her honesty, blah, blah…but could this backfire on her as it has on others?

Tierra’s name is called for the next one-on-one card. She actually begins complaining about the prospect of exploring the streets of St. Croix and get sweaty and bit by bugs. I just can’t with this chick…

That evening, AshLee has something ‘make or break’ to lay on Sean before hometowns. She’s very uncomfortable as she tells him she got married in high school when she was 17. Sean, who was braced for something far worse – like maybe an attempted murder conviction – shrugs it off as no big deal.  After, they do this shouting thing – she ends up yelling that she loves Sean at the top of her lungs. It’s cute. He kisses her.

Tierra meets Sean for their date and it’s phony baloney time! There’s not a whisper of complaint about bugs or heat. When a colorful parade of dancers happens along, Tierra gets in there and shakes it like a meatball at the Jersey Shore. Sean seems thrilled.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, AshLee confirms to the others that she threw Tierra under the bus.  Lesley doesn’t see how he could keep her now. Yeah okay.

Sean questions Tierra about the situation at the house. She tells him they ignore her and are jealous because she got the first rose. When he asks if she’d do things differently if she had the chance, she brazenly tells him, no, those other girls won’t be around long anyway. Whoa!

Later, Tierra, who suspects someone’s been dissing her to Sean, confronts him about seeming distant. He admits the drama with the other women may have put them behind. Tierra tries to undo the damage by saying she’s falling for him.  After some kissing, Sean decides she’s probably not nice to the other women but he doesn’t much care.

The other girls are way more worried about Tierra being wrong for Sean than he is apparently, as it’s still the hottest topic of conversation at the resort. A card comes – Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay get the group date – meaning Lesley will nab a one-on-one.

It’s an early morning roll call for the group date, with Sean waking them in the worst possible way – with a Polaroid camera! Five dazed and confused minutes later, the girls and Sean are racing across the island in a jeep. They will be the first four people to see the sun rise in the US that day. Thankfully, Sean serves mimosas before the next leg of the trip which will take them around the island from sunrise to sunset. Des makes the most time with Sean, leaving the other two feeling like they’re on a date with each other.

Later, they swim and Sean spends alone time with each of them on the beach.  Catherine tells Sean that if he comes to meet her family, her father, who tried suicide when she was younger, won’t be there. It’s moving.  Sean has to give out one rose – the girl who showed up the first night in a wedding dress, Lindsay, gets it.

AshLee and Lesley sun themselves back at the resort, speculate on who will get the rose on the group date, and dish about Tierra – who is sitting inside by herself stewing.

Sean isn’t feeling as strongly for unsuspecting Lesley. They head out on their date to a garden where they pick avocados and Sean questions her about meeting her family and tries to get her to open up. She avoids his eyes as she talks about basically being best buds with chemistry, and stops short of saying she’s falling for him. We’re led to believe her walls are preventing them from connecting.

Sean’s sister, Shea, has arrived to weigh in on the girls. Shea says the two girls he has to let go will get over it. He tells her he can see marrying any of them, but not one stands out. He admits he has questions about Tierra based on what he’s heard. He decides to go get Tierra so Shea can meet her…

In the room, Tierra takes AshLee to task for trying to sabotage her. AshLee calmly gives her an example of how she’s been rude. Tierra immediately begins to get all Jerry Springer with the waving hands and ranting. She warns that throwing her under the bus will backfire and walks out. AshLee joins Lesley and Catherine, and Tierra reappears. AshLee tells her again how she’s been rude – blank stares, raised eyebrows… Tierra says she can’t control her eyebrow and hollers that her parents warned her not to let the other girls take her sparkle.

Sean arrives just as Tierra has retreated to her cot to cry. The other girls whisper, “It’s the Tierra Show.” Tierra sobs to Sean about how she is so sensitive and has such a big heart – she doesn’t know how to take this. The other girls wait as Tierra makes her case to Sean, including her claim that AshLee’s been out to get her from the beginning, and discuss what a great manipulator she is in hushed tones.

Sean steps outside and tells the camera that he doesn’t like Tierra to be upset but his sister warned him when a girl can’t get along with other women it’s trouble – this weighs heavily. He goes back inside and tells Tierra that because this is so hard for her, and he cares so much about her (aka, he’s sick of it), she should go home now. It finally clicked that she’s not the one for him. Once in the vehicle, Tierra sobs like Snooki on a bender. Sean goes back to his sister and fills her in.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

The girls haven’t seen Tierra for hours by party time. Sean appears and explains he sent her home because she was a source of drama – and he’s not looking for that. He says he has clarity about his decision tonight as well – so no need for a cocktail party. AshLee’s pretty nervous. Lesley thinks AshLee might get the boot for being involved in the drama.

Going into the rose ceremony, Lindsay is safe and is taking Sean home to meet her family. Sean offers the other hometown roses to Des, Catherine, and AshLee. It looks like Lesley’s walls proved too much for Sean, and AshLee broke the jinx of those who speak out about drama people in the house.

Did you agree with Sean’s choices tonight?

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5 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Don’t Take My Sparkle!”

  1. annie Says:
    February 11th, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    yeaaaaaaaa…. hands hurt from clapping..the witch is gone…tiara say she can get any man??? THEN GO GET ONE IDIOT !!! THANK GOD SHE IS GONE should have happened weeks ago…what a piece of trash!!!!!! why he kept disseree (SP) but he did…i love catherine..but she is losing herself in this..needs more confidence!! what is wrong with sean’s face??? kind of red and blochy???!! not a good complexion…i still don’t understand what they see in him…not a looker by any means..oh well…..MAYBE NEXT TIME WE CAN GET A REAL MAN A NEW MAN..NO MORE REJECTS PLEASE !!!!

  2. annie Says:
    February 11th, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    hey tiera…your sparkle is gone…plus YOU never had a sparkle..more like a devil and an evil mind….. took him tooo long to see that….what a shame !!! BYE BYE…don’t le the door hit ya !!!!

  3. Sally Eastman Says:
    February 11th, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    I am so glad to see the witch go. She is so self centered and thinks she is so hot. She said she could get married anytime and all men loved her. Then why was she there?
    I hope that He picks Lindsey. The other girls are sweet too though.

  4. Julie Says:
    February 12th, 2013 at 7:56 am

    The phony hypothermia was actually hyperventating- a medical professional would have seen those signs- blue lips, curled fingers….. just another drama example

  5. CT Says:
    February 12th, 2013 at 8:29 am

    Bye Bye Tierra the terrible. It appears as though you’ve lost your sparkle…Hell you never had it to begin with. (Does a happy dance)


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