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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 3 Finale – A Checkup With Dr. Drew

February 12, 2013 06:42 AM by Donna W. Martin

On the season 3 finale of Teen Mom 2, Dr. Drew sat down with each mom to talk about what happened this season and what’s going on now as they head into season 4. Keep reading to find out all the shocking news!


Chelsea said it felt really good to get her GED and that she was over the drama between her dad, Randy and Adam. She told Dr. Drew that she hadn’t been in a relationship with Adam for 6-months but he could tell she harbored a fantasy about being with Adam.

Then Dr. Drew heard shocking news when Adam came out. As it turns out, he and Chelsea last hooked up about 3 or 4 weeks ago and get this…they didn’t use any protection. Uh oh…could there be another baby around the corner for these two? When Dr. Drew asked Chelsea if she wanted another baby, she said no.

Dr. Drew asked about the ring Adam had given Chelsea and what it meant. Adam said it was a present and a promise ring. “We were doing good and then it fell apart,” he said. Chelsea wanted to get married but Adam thinks they’re too young and not ready for it.

Then Chelsea’s dad, Randy came out. He said he was never in favor of Chelsea dating Adam and was upset that he took her money and used it on his truck. He said that Adam would threaten to leave Chelsea in the past if he didn’t get what he wanted. Dr. Drew asked Chelsea if that was true and she wouldn’t answer…so he said that meant yes.

Chelsea said she didn’t see anything wrong with giving Adam money if they were together because if they were together then it’s theirs not just hers. Plus she thought he would leave her if she didn’t give him the money.

Adam said he was willing to let the past go and that co-parenting with Chelsea was going good. And he would even be okay if Chelsea started dating someone else. Wonder if that would be the end of the hookups? Time will tell!

Dr. Drew talked to Randy and Adam about reconciling and while both of them said they were willing, Randy said he didn’t want to reconcile and then things go back to the way they were.

He said all he wants for his daughter is for her to have a great life. He wants her to meet her goals, raise a great kid, have a respectful relationship, and find a man that is going to give her what she wants.


Jenelle assured Dr. Drew she was on her meds and was seeing her psychiatrist and psychologist on a regular basis.

He asked her why she had stopped taking her bipolar medication and she said she thought things were fine and that’s when things fell apart.

When Dr. Drew brought up the Kesha concert fiasco, Jenelle laughed and said she felt so stupid and the concert wasn’t even that great; it wasn’t long enough.

But now things seem better for Jenelle. She said she was happy. “I changed my life. I moved out. I’m on my own and going to school,” she said and added, “Jace is doing great.”

Kieffer’s in jail and Jenelle has a new man in her life. His name is Gary and he’s a marine. Plus, her mom, Barbara loves him.

Then Barbara came out. She said the changes in Jenelle were not a put on, they were real. “She’s in treatment, on her meds, and on probation.” Barbara believes going to jail was a good lesson for Jenelle but being on probation saved her life.

Barbara said she and Jenelle are getting along better thanks to the fact that Jenelle has stopped hanging out with her drug friends, started maturing, and going to the doctor for her medications. And when it comes to Jenelle’s new man, she said she loves him. “Gary is very respectable. He wants Jenelle to go to church with him and he great with Jace,” she said.

Speaking of Jace, Dr. Drew said he saw Jace suffer a lot this season. Barbara agreed saying Jace was very sad after Jenelle left. “He got ignored because of weed and her friends… but now she’s clean and comes and picks him up.”

Dr. Drew asked Barbara what she thought about Andrew being Jace’s biological father. “I was so disappointed by the paternity test,” she said. Jenelle added, “Andrew is an abusive alcoholic.” He always says that he’s changed but he hasn’t. “He hasn’t seen Jace since he was 2-months-old…and he hasn’t tried to see him.” And there’s no excuse for it Jenelle and Barbara said. He has their numbers and has never made an attempt to see Jace…no birthday cards, no Christmas cards from Andrew or his parents.

Then Andrew came out. Barbara told him he never stepped up after Jenelle got pregnant. He never calls, visits or anything…even after the paternity test proved he was the father.

Jenelle said she holds a grudge against Andrew because he abused her. “You hit me,” she said. “How do I know you want hit [Jace]?”

Andrew said he wouldn’t hit Jace and that he didn’t care about hitting her. He said he wants to see Jace and be a part of his life. “It’s time for me to step up and do it.”

But Jenelle wasn’t convinced and asked him about his drinking. Andrew said he has been sober for 2 ½ years but Barbara reminded him that he had gotten a DUI less than 2-years ago. “He’s just putting on a front like he’s a great person but really he’s a piece of sh*t,” Jenelle added.

Dr. Drew asked Jenelle to express her feelings without being abusive just as Andrew was saying how much he hates Jenelle for keeping him away from Jace. But Barbara came to her defense telling him, “I have custody, you could have called me.”

Dr. Drew asked Jenelle if she wanted Andrew in Jace’s life and she said yes however, she wants social services to supervise the visitation for a while. But Andrew said he couldn’t go to North Carolina to see Jace because of an outstanding warrant. What for? Child support, of course!

“Why don’t you just pay the child support?” Dr. Drew asked.

Jenelle said it was the same thing over and over. He says he’s going to see Jace but she knows it’s not going to happen. Andrew disagreed and said he was there to be a part of Jace’s life.

“In order for that to happen,” Barbara said, “We have to prepare Jace slowly for this. You can’t come see him and say I’m your daddy…he don’t even know what a daddy is.” She added, “But I’m telling you this…you will not hurt this child – over my dead body.”

“So how do we go forward?” Dr. Drew asked.

“Andrew, you need to pay child support and you need to come see Jace,” Jenelle said.


Dr. Drew asked Kailyn why it was so disturbing to her to have her mom around Isaac. “Because she would disappear for a year and then decided to show up for 10 minutes and leave,” she said. “I never know what her state of mind is going to be… If she’s going to be intoxicated, show up for 10 minutes and expect everything to be okay.”

Kailyn said the last time she had talked to her mom was before Isaac’s first birthday and then she went behind her back to see him while she was in Texas. When she confronted her mom about it on the phone, she said she thought her mom was “definitely intoxicated” and “she said she didn’t need my permission to see Isaac. I told her that’s not okay with me and she said it’s none of your business and hung up on me.”

Kailyn went on to say that reconnecting with her family in Texas was really good but she had decided to stay put for now for Isaac’s sake. And that’s a good thing because Jo said if she took Isaac and moved to Texas, he would “absolutely” take legal action.

Dr. Drew asked about Jordan. Kailyn said the breakup was tough but they had been fighting because she didn’t know what she wanted. She admitted that she believes “Jo plays with the idea of a possibility” of them getting back together.

But Dr. Drew reminded her Jo has a girlfriend. “How do you feel about that?” he asked. Kailyn said she wasn’t there to bash anybody but thought Vee didn’t know how to be in a relationship with someone who has a child. “She posts things online about drinking in Jo’s house while Isaac’s there,” talks about pictures of Jo’s penis and taking condoms when she goes over to his house. “Based on what I’ve seen online, she shouldn’t be around Isaac,” Kailyn said.

Despite the back and forth over Vee, Kailyn and Jo agreed they are getting along better. “We test each other from time to time to see if it’s still there,” Jo admits.

“Is the door shut on this relationship for a romantic future?” Dr. Drew asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not a fortune teller; I’m a rapper,” Jo quipped.

“We’re in a good place right now, it’s hard to say where it’s going to go,” Kailyn added.


A lot has happened since we last saw Leah. She’s not pregnant anymore; she had a miscarriage 8 weeks into her pregnancy.

Dr. Drew was surprised that she deliberately got pregnant again but she said Jeremy was aware she was trying to get pregnant and was okay with it. “I wanted a family,” she said.

But following the miscarriage, Leah said she’s using birth control and taking it slow.

“How do you feel about Corey these days?” Dr. Drew asked.

“He’s the father of my kids,” Leah said. But she felt like there had been no closure. One minute he would say he wanted the family together and then not. “He doesn’t know what he wants,” she said.

And when Dr. Drew asked if she was still in love with Corey, she said, “I don’t know.”

Corey came out and said news of Leah and Jeremy’s engagement hit him pretty hard because he wasn’t expecting it. “It happened really fast,” he said. News of the pregnancy kind of hurt because the door to them getting back together was kind of cracked. He said the divorce happened really fast, “we rushed it and as time went on, I started regretting it,” he said.

“I’m happy for Leah and Jeremy,” he added. “He’s a great guy and he’s good with the girls. If it had been Robbie, I’d probably be in prison – no lie.”

Dr. Drew reminded Corey that he was the one who “shut down” their relationship. “We were talking about getting back together but she was with Jeremy so it made it rough,” Corey said. “I don’t want to come in between Leah and Jeremy.

Leah said, “You never would say what you wanted.” And if he had, she would have gone back to him. She even said she knew Jeremy would understand. Or would he?

Then Jeremy came out after watching from backstage. Dr. Drew apologized for the way the conversation had gone and asked him what he was feeling.

Jeremy said he was confused. “I kind of feel like I came in between a family – keeping them from being happy.

Dr. Drew asked him about his relationship with Leah and the miscarriage. He said he and Leah were good. “I think about it every day,” he said of the miscarriage. “I wonder what he or she would have been like.” And to Corey, “I’ve never tried to take over your role as the girls’ father.”

Then Dr. Drew asked Leah what she wanted. Confused and going back and forth between Jeremy and Corey, she said, “Oh God, I don’t know. I care about Jeremy but sometimes I can’t get over my family and Corey.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” she said to Jeremy. “You’re great. I’m afraid of rejection from Corey.”

Dr. Drew asked Jeremy why he stuck around. “This is not fair to you.”

“Sometimes it’s kind of like…I don’t know,” Jeremy said, visibly deflated.

Dr. Drew told Leah it wasn’t fair to accept an engagement while she was so uncertain of her feelings. She agreed and said she was pushing herself to get over Corey.

“If we quit talking so much and have boundaries… I would like to shut the door so they can be happy…but I keep holding onto something,” Corey said.

“How do we go forward?” Dr. Drew asked.

Leah said Jeremy knew how she felt – that she had always been honest with him. She admitted she loves Jeremy but she couldn’t say she didn’t love Corey…

Leah and Corey agreed to go to therapy to get some clarity and to help with co-parenting their girls. But where does that leave poor Jeremy? What a mess!

What did you think of the Teen Mom 2 season 3 finale? Who do you think Leah will end up with, Corey or Jeremy? Will Andrew start spending time with Jace? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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