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Face Off 4 Recap: Giant Challenge Proves 2 Heads Are Better Than One

February 13, 2013 12:20 PM by Ryan Haidet

Face Off used the upcoming “Jack the Giant Slayer” movie as their inspiration in the latest Spotlight Challenge.  Even the movie’s director, Hollywood icon Bryan Singer, was brought on board as a guest judge for the episode.  As much as I love Face Off, I have never enjoyed when the motivation for the task is solely used to sell viewers something else.  I just want the makeup effects show without having to see a one-hour commercial — especially not for one that looks as silly as “Jack the Giant Slayer.”  The challenge, which was to create a two-headed giant, could have been done without the promotional tie-in.  Which giants ruled and which ones were total duds?  We have all the details jammed inside this article, which is packed (as always!) with loads of close-up photos (21 total!) of all the finished makeups!

The challenge kicked off with the 10 remaining aspiring special effects makeup artists getting randomly paired up into teams.  Right off the bat, House had an idea that he thought would definitely differentiate the giant he and Wayne were creating — adding a third head.  But as the creation process began, House noticed that several of the other teams were also doing a three-headed giant.  So, to stay different from the herd, he and Wayne swapped out their plan and downgraded their giant to just two heads.

Meanwhile, Eric F. and Kris aimed to have their giant be the largest creation ever seen in the show’s four-season history.  Mentor Michael Westmore was actually very concerned the duo would not have enough time to complete their hugely ambitious design.

Throughout the entire creation process, Meagan and Jenna were struggling the most.  Jenna’s hand problems continued and issues with their mold made their entire situation much more stressful.  Meagan repeatedly said it looked bad as they worked to apply the makeup to the model.  “I can’t feel my fu*king hand,” Jenna cried out as the two raced against the clock.  It really wasn’t looking good for them at all.  Not one bit.

Finished Makeups

Here’s a close look at how the giant creations came out:


Kris and Eric F.  “You guys should definitely be impressed with yourselves in terms of how much work you’ve pulled off,” judge Glenn Hetrick praised.  Guest judge Bryan Singer loved the fact that they took the tallest model and made him the shortest person within the finished makeups.  It really was a cleverly done makeup.  Based on the love the judges oozed for this giant, it’s no surprise they chose it as the best makeup of the challenge.  Ultimately, Eric F. was given the title of top makeup artist based on his concept.  “It is amazing because I’ve worked so hard for this,” Eric F. said after being named the challenge champ.

Wayne and House  “Overall, I like this a lot,” Glenn said while also saying his width made him seem too short.  Judge Neville Page said the body sculpting was very well done, while all of the judges seemed to love the interactivity with the puppet-based second head.  I loved it.

Autumn and Anthony  “From far away I wasn’t that impressed, but when I got up close I really like this a lot,” judge Ve Neill said.  Bryan pointed out the out-of-place gloves asking what store the giant bought them from, but also admitted that he liked the overall makeup.


Alam and Eric Z.  “The head on feet thing is such an absolutely dreadful decision that I’m having a hard time even looking at anything else,” Glenn said.  “It’s disappointing.”  Ve thought the makeup was fabulous from the ankles up.  I thought it looked like a deformed, barbaric version of the Genie from “Aladdin” with strange slippers on his feet.  Strange choice.

Meagan and Jenna  “I am so embarrassed that that’s on stage,” Meagan said in confessional realizing that their finished makeup was far from complete.  As they stood before the judges at their creation’s side, Jenna emotionally broke down.  “This breaks my heart to say this,” she said fighting back tears.  “It became very evident that with my hands like this, I can’t sculpt the way I need to, the way I want to.  I feel terrible about hindering someone else’s performance because they’re trying to make up for my lack of ability to do it.”  When the judges voiced their opinions, Glenn said there was a “stunning lack of originality in this design.”  I think everybody there knew this was the worst finished makeup.  Just like it was no shocker that Eric F. was declared the challenge winner, it’s no surprise that Jenna was named the worst and booted from the competition.  “Unfortunately, there just wasn’t anything about your work this week that’s indicative of the fact that you’re going to be able to continue getting better while you’re here on the show,” Glenn said as she was sent packing.  In the end, Jenna took her elimination very well — even saying it was probably best.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups?  Who is your favorite contestant so far?  Who do you think is most talented?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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