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The Biggest Loser Exclusive Blog With Francelina Morillo: Week Seven

February 13, 2013 01:50 PM by Christine McDow

This week on the Biggest Loser the contestants were face with the temptation challenge. Francelina Morillo took the bait, but in the end it did affect her weight loss and put her at risk for going home. How did she handle it all? Read her exclusive blog and find out what she was thinking, straight from her own mouth.

Wow I made it to individuals! What an honor. Honestly, every week I am on the ranch I am so incredibly thankful. I NEVER quit, NEVER complain, and ALWAYS push myself.

This week I work out with Jillian and quite frankly I am kicking butt! I have seen so many people just broken down physically by her and being able to complete her workouts effectively makes me feel like a BOSS :) She also tells me a couple of times how great I am doing! WOW! Jillian Michaels thinks I am doing great! AHHH! I cannot believe how much progress I have made in such little time. This makes me very hopeful for my future. Everyone has to leave the ranch at some point and I think I am putting the pieces to my puzzle together so that I can be in the best of shape when it’s my turn. We are here to learn these core principles so that when we are home we can continue losing weight.

This week I was very moved by Jeff’s breakthrough. I can relate to him in so many ways. We both lost our fathers at a young age and dealt with their absence in the same way. Looking at Jeff is like looking in a mirror. To see him make such progress gives me hope for myself. I am proud of him and I think people understand him more now that he is opening up and talking about all the weight he has been carrying all these years.

The challenge this week was awesome! We had all this crazy gear and our agility and endurance was tested. I did not win but I was right up there with Danni and Joe who are two athletes. To stand next to them makes me feel so proud. This plump girl won’t be plump for long and besides who said a plump person couldn’t be an athlete?

This week we were presented with a temptation challenge. I decided that its worth taking the risk. I have seen people go home over a lb. so when there is an opportunity to get 2lbs on the scale, I take it! Not an easy choice! I took a calculated risk and it paid off. Now lets make this clear. I WAS NOT tempted by the sweets! Are you kidding me? I took a risk hoping that it would save me just in case the scale betrayed me!

Ahh 4lbs lost this week, although I had put in so much work! The scale is no ones friend. I learned that with Jackson’s experience on the ranch. This elimination was horrible. The thought of going home was petrifying. What hurts even more, was the choice the cast had to make. I felt bad for them. In the end, everyone except Alex voted for Mike. Alex and Jeff had the hardest choice to make. Jeff and I have been best friends since week two and Alex and I are pretty much sisters. What a night! Sad it went down like this but so incredibly grateful for another week here!

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